Why You Need Mobile Customer Support

The modern day business is a totally different animal than businesses of the past. Taking the time to reassess what’s needed, what’s wanted, and what’s offered will help keep your business ahead of the trends and relevant to its target audiences. One of the most important items to consider when assessing your business is the mobility factor.

In the past, it wasn’t strictly necessary to have a mobile business option, because people viewed companies as a separate entity — if you wanted to conduct business, you needed to step yourself into the building, or give a phone call to the customer service department. It was a commitment to address a customer service concern. Today, it’s not quite the same. The demands of the public have given people access to a much more relaxed, guerrilla-style service system, where companies are tending to customer concerns over e-mail, live chat, social media sites, and now, all of the above on a mobile device. Everyone has a smart phone these days, and if your company doesn’t make it easy for customers to connect then you’ll be seeing the negative side effects of that until it changes.

Going mobile is a step into the future of business. PhaseWare is proud to offer one of the most versatile, functional mobile apps on the market today. Tracker Mobile is an incredible product that meets the rising demands for mobile support, from the customer’s perspective as well as your agents’.

The hassle-free nature of the mobile app allows for your customer service representatives to be up-to-date, all day long. With the ability to check on customer information, trouble tickets, incidents, severities, journal entries, and more, the mobile app has the effect of allowing you to step into your office from virtually anywhere. If you’re stuck in traffic, in line at a cafe, or working from home, you’ll never have to experience a disconnection from the information you need to do your job to its fullest extent.

Along with this mobile power, comes company prowess. Image is an important issue when it comes to building your company’s reputation and increasing customer retention rates, and if you focus on giving your team the tools they need to provide stellar service, you’ll be able to improve your image while improving your employee morale.

It’s safe to say, there are no real downsides to going mobile. Your team will be happier, your customers will be happier, and even your company information will be more secure with the assurance that PhaseWare will keep your information locked firmly in secure servers to which only authorized personnel will have access. It’s a win/win situation! Ultimately, you and your business need to go mobile because there’s no other way to go. Learn more about Tracker Mobile.

But wait, there’s more! Learn about our latest mobile product: The Self Service Center Mobile. The Self Service Center Mobile app is a native app for your customers. From the app they can submit new tickets, check on current tickets, get notifications and more. Learn more about the app by clicking here or request a free, no obligations demo, below. 

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