The Four Best Ways to Improve Your Self-Service Portal

Here’s the thing about your customers: they’re smart, versatile, and competent, and they’ve found themselves with a good use for your product. All of these truths are among reasons that your customers are the most valuable part of your company, and it’s important that you recognize your hardworking, intelligent customers for the individuals that they truly are. So how do you do that? Provide for them the tools they deserve. 

Building a robust, fully functional self-service portal like PhaseWare’s Self Service Center (SSC) will help you illuminate and empower your customers to do more and get more from their experience with your company and your product. Here are the top four ways to ensure that your self-service portal is top-of-the-line for your customers.

  1. Pack a punch: offer concise, consistent content in your knowledge base. When customers access your knowledge base in an attempt to resolve their own concern, unnecessary wordiness gets in the way of the goal.
  2. Ensure instant gratification. When your customer has a concern at 2:30 in the morning, you may not have the man power to put a customer service representative on the phone with him or her. But you do have the technology to get their concern addressed immediately, if not resolved. With PhaseWare’s software your customers will be able to submit tickets and perform ticket tracking online, giving them the power they need to move forward with their day, no matter the time.
  3. Keep it fresh, with the latest info and updates available on the spot. PhaseWare SSC will provide software updates and downloads on a 24 hour basis, so customers don’t have to wait a second to get the freshest details on how to navigate their product and make the most use of its features. They will also be privy to notifications for newly published information of documents with relevant changes, which you can customize to send to specific customers or entire groups depending on your buyers’ demands.
  4. Put the right people behind the wheel with self-administration access. Customers using the PhaseWare SSC will be able to execute their own reporting tasks and handle company and customer information management in real time to update contracts, licenses, and files as needed.

Your customers are a force to be reckoned with. With the right kind of tools your customers will be able to experience your product to its fullest extent and communicate with your company flawlessly and competently. With PhaseWare on your side, your customers have the ability to become your partners.

Reinvent your self-service portal with PhaseWare’s unparalleled Self Service Center. Give your customers what they want, starting right now with a free trialor demo.

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