Why Service Level Agreements Matter

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is essentially a promise a service provider makes to a client, which translates to promises made to customers regarding response times and solutions. Having an on demand SLA tracker is important for any company that provides some level of customer support. Not only will this tracker help you create and deliver on customer expectations, but you can also measure the performance of your agents by these standards. In a nutshell, SLAs are the backbone of any customer service department and can make or break your support. Here are the main benefits of service level tracking and why SLAs matter in general.

Create Realistic Customer Expectations

When a customer is displeased with the level of service they received, their displeasure can often be traced back to not meeting their expectation of timeliness in response or finding a solution. SLAs set these expectations very clearly so a customer does not have to wonder whether an inquiry was received or not. If your policy is to respond within 24 hours, then the customer knows it may take at least that long. This is why it’s critical to implement an online SLA tracker so you know when a ticket was created and can take appropriate action within the agreed timeline.

Measure Agent Performance

The proper service level tracking tools can also help you measure the performance of your own agents. A Service Level Agreement sets clear expectations for your customers, so your agents know what timelines they have to meet. The best agent productivity comes when they know exactly what tickets need to be prioritized and have a clear direction of how they need to manage their work. This can’t be done without an online SLA tracker.

Be Consistent With Support

Defining clear standards will help your support team be more consistent. Your goal should be for every customer to know exactly what to expect when they have to reach out to your support team for any reason. A clearly defined Service Level Agreement will force your team to be consistent in order to meet the standards as set forth in the agreement.

PhaseWare takes service level tracking to the next level by allowing you to maintain, measure, manage and track issues in the most effective manner for your company. The importance of Service Level Agreements can’t be understated, and having the best online SLA tracker in place will help your team operate most efficiently. Be sure to contact us to see how our SLA tools can help keep your organization on track.


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