Is Having Too Many Support Channels Confusing Your Customers?

Giving your customers options when it comes to customer support is usually a good thing. However, too many options can potentially lead to frustration for customers since they don’t know which method will be most efficient or helpful. It’s still important for you to offer multiple channels of support, but you also have to develop a strategy to determine when and where to offer the different channels. With configurable customer support software, you can develop and manage your multichannel support strategy to benefit both your agents and customers.

Streamline Your Customer Support Options

Guiding your customers to the best support option at any given time will reduce their efforts and allow your company to streamline support. For example, it’s not necessary to offer telephone support when a customer is on your website at midnight, if your call center is not open at that time. With onsite customer support software, you can track various inquiries over time to see which support channel your customers use at any given time. This will help you staff your agents appropriately in order to provide the best level of service for your customers.

Develop an Efficient Multichannel Support Strategy

Every company’s multichannel support strategy is different. Live chat is one of the most popular support options across the board, but should it be used as your primary option? The answer to that question varies depending on the complexity and the context of the issue your customer is having. With any support option you have, the main goal is to provide your customer with a resolution as quickly as possible. Your complaint management workflows will be much more efficient as well when a solid strategy is in place.

Think About Convenience For Your Customer

A multichannel support strategy all comes down to what is most convenient for your customers, which could indirectly result in a boost of sales for your company. Offering live chat at a checkout page makes sense, since you can answer a customer’s question right away. If a customer can’t find a support option on the checkout page where they can get an immediate answer, there’s a chance they could leave the page without making a purchase. Before it gets to that point, make the investment in configurable customer support software so you have the right support channel available when your customers need it.

PhaseWare is the leader in providing companies with the complaint management workflows, tools and software needed to make any support department run more efficiently. The benefit of having configurable customer support software can’t be understated, since it can be tailored to the needs of your business and your customers. Be sure to contact us to see how our tools can help you manage your multiple channels of support most efficiently to provide a better customer experience.


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