How to Clear Your Ticket Backlog

Ticket backlogs can happen with any customer service department for a variety of reasons. The tickets could have built up over time or a certain event may have caused a sudden influx of inquiries. Regardless of the reason, a ticket backlog isn’t necessarily a bad thing since your customers are engaging with you for one reason or another. And with customizable complaint management software, you can clear your tickets efficiently and effectively. Here are some tips to consider in this regard.

Prioritize Your Tickets

Your complaint management solution should allow you to prioritize tickets as they arrive. It’s especially important to utilize the prioritization feature when you have a large amount of tickets backed up. When the tickets are prioritized, you can assign certain ones to certain agents and distribute the work accordingly. Whether you choose to sort the tickets by date, the type of issue or any other criteria, being organized is critical. Having structure and organization with your tickets will help your team work through them most efficiently.

Collaborate With Your Team To Clear Tickets

If your ticket backlog is too much for your current team to handle timely, you may need to take an all-hands-on-deck approach. Take a couple of hours and only work on clearing out tickets. Your customizable complaint management software allows you to sort the types of issues, the priority of a particular issue, the date the ticket was created and much more. Your organization as a whole can work together better with the right software.

Keep Your Momentum Going

When you’re working through a large amount of tickets, the best thing to do is keep your momentum going as much as possible and don’t spend too much time on one ticket. That doesn’t mean you should ignore or dismiss certain tickets, but just set them aside and revisit them later if they require more investigating. Having a complaint management solution in place to allow you to organize tickets effectively will make it easier to power through tickets and still give each customer the attention and service they deserve.

PhaseWare offers secure customer solutions to help any business handle their customer service tickets most efficiently. With our customizable complaint management software, businesses we work with view a ticket backlog as a good thing, since they are confident they can clear them efficiently and effectively. To learn more about our software solutions and how they apply to your business, contact us today.


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