Are Your Notifications Stuck in 2017?

Handling customer inquiries efficiently should be the goal of any support department. However, no matter how hard you try, it’s virtually impossible to stay on top of all incoming customer tickets unless you have customizable customer support software to help you manage them properly.

Getting behind on your tickets is easy and can happen quickly. The best way to get a handle on an incoming flood of tickets is to use Alerts/Notifications. If you don’t have notifications in your current processes or if your support tickets are stuck in the prior year, it’s time to clear them out as quickly as possible.

Here are some tips to help you get a clean start on your old notifications in 2018.

Cluttered Inboxes Don’t Promote Efficiency

Many customer support teams still use an email inbox to manage their notifications. This method is really only effective if you handle a very small amount of inquiries on a daily basis. The reality is your inbox is likely cluttered to the point where you don’t know which ticket to handle first. With cloud based customer support software, you can ditch the inbox and have your notifications managed and prioritized more efficiently. This will help you take care of the older notifications in the most efficient manner without having to spend time deciding which one to handle first.

Prioritize Notifications To Dig Out of a Hole

When the notifications pile up, it’s easy for them to continue to pile up if you don’t have the best customizable customer support software to help you prioritize them. Once each ticket is prioritized, you can spend your time resolving them instead of figuring out the order in which they need to be handled. Prioritization is one of the most effective ways to dig yourself out of a hole and resolve those notifications stuck in 2017.

Handle Notifications Promptly With The Right Software

With cloud based customer support software, you can handle your notifications promptly, since they are sent to you immediately. The proper management tools will not only allow you to keep track of the amount of notifications you have, but also allow you to look into them right away to prioritize them accordingly. Immediate notifications give your agents the ability to manage their workload most efficiently and make notifications easier to track.

PhaseWare provides secure customer solutions to help efficiency for customer service teams. With our mobile application, you can not only track and manage your notifications, but you can also give your customers the option of staying informed throughout the process of their open ticket. Automated messages keep your team on track by promoting accountability, organization and prioritization. If your team could benefit from customizable customer support software to help them stay organized and productive, feel free to contact us at any time.


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