Why Live Chat is Easier for Your Agents and Customers

Businesses today are challenged with offering the proper support channel their customers need to have their problem solved most efficiently. Customers want to find answers on their own, so having a comprehensive knowledge base can provide exactly that. However, a large percentage of customers also want or need human interaction to confirm their answers and feel more confident.

Your customizable customer support software should work to your advantage by offering the right support channel to customers at the right time. Live chat is one of the channels customers like because it’s quick, easy and convenient. But does live chat actually help your agents as well? Here are some reasons why both agents and customers appreciate live chat.

Boost Productivity and Resolution Times

From the agent side, live chat helps agents increase their productivity and resolve customer problems and inquiries quicker. When live chat is integrated into your configurable customer support package, agents can create tickets directly from the chat transcripts if needed. Agents can also easily answer questions by sending customers files and knowledge base articles directly through the chat window. Many times a customer gets on live chat because they have a very quick question, and an agent can provide a quick answer with an integrated configurable customer support software.

Comfort and Convenience for Customers

Some customers don’t want to talk about their problems out loud. Live chat allows those customers to still have their questions answered without having to feel uncomfortable talking to a stranger about potentially personal issues. Plus, no customer likes to wait on hold on the phone, or wait for an email to be returned. In a world where immediate gratification is almost a requirement, your customizable customer support software has to be on point to ensure you deliver on the convenience, comfort and efficiency customers expect.

Everyone Wins When Wait Times Are Decreased

Specialized live chat channels can significantly decrease wait times, which makes your customers happy and your agents more efficient. With customizable customer support software, customers can select an option directed to the inquiry they have, so their chat session will be routed to the most experienced agent to solve the problem most efficiently. The efficient handling of customer inquiries will reduce stress for agents so they can provide better service, as well as create a higher level of customer satisfaction.

PhaseWare offers solutions to solve virtually any business need from a customer support standpoint. Whether your company needs configurable help desk software, multichannel support options, knowledge management or anything else to benefit your customers and your agents, we have a solution that can be tailored to fit your business needs. Be sure to contact us to learn more about our solutions and how they can help your business stand out with excellent customer support.


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