Why Every Business Needs an Integrated Ticketing System

Think about how your current ticketing system operates. Does your call center enter a ticket on one platform, and your live chat support enters a ticket on another? One benefit of an integrated ticketing system is all tickets are visible on a single platform, so agents can handle the inquiry most efficiently. Having an integrated ticketing system used to be primarily for convenience, but now it has become a necessity. With the right complaint management workflows, your company will be well on its way to providing the best support to help both your agents and your customers.

Cross-Channel Support Consistency

Customers today may send an email to ask a question and then call or get on live chat for the answer. Not only that, but the customer expects you to have read the email already and have an answer by the time they reach out through a different channel. With configurable customer service software and an integrated ticketing system, your agents can quickly see the email the customer sent and handle it through another channel as needed. This improves the customer experience immediately, as well as reduces wait times and allows agents to be more productive.

Handle Customer Inquiries Efficiently

With a cloud based customer support software, employees can create tickets quickly through one platform so they can focus on handling the customer’s needs. And using live chat as an example, customers are given the option to specify the category in which they need assistance. Whether it’s technical support, product questions or a simple question about the checkout process, the customer can be routed to the appropriate agent for handling in the most efficient manner. An integrated ticketing system streamlines complaint management workflows so the most urgent request is put to the front of the line for a resolution.

Reduce Wait Times For Customers

A customer who has a problem with your software offering, for example, is obviously a higher priority than a question about your hours of operation. With an integrated ticketing system and configurable customer service software, wait times can be reduced for these higher priority tickets, which can lead to sales and repeat customers. In general, having an integrated ticketing system can prioritize every inquiry across every support channel you offer, so workflows can be configured appropriately to meet the needs and expectations of every customer.

PhaseWare’s complaint management workflows help businesses be more efficient and provide the best customer experience possible. An integrated ticketing system is monumental in managing a ticket from start to finish, as well as having consistent processes to meet customer expectations. To learn more about our comprehensive customer support solutions and how they can help your business, contact us today.

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