Which Questions Can You Ask Customers to Improve Your Customer Support?

As a B2B organization, client feedback is crucial for continued growth. It’s especially important in the customer support realm. Feedback will shine a light on where you’re excelling and where you’re falling short. This information will guide change and help you understand what technologies can help your reps streamline their process. You may find you need to implement configurable customer support software to help integrate things like live chat or ticket tracking.

However, in order to collect valuable feedback, you need to ask the right questions. Regardless of whether you’re conducting online surveys or speaking with your clients directly, if you’re not getting relevant information, you can’t promote change. To help you out, we’re going over some questions that will help you improve your support experience.

How Much Effort Does it Take to Get Issues Resolved?

This question is important because it lets you see the other side of your customer service experience. Understanding where your clients run into bottlenecks will pinpoint where your internal operation is failing. You may find there’s a problem with fielding calls to the right rep or providing effective email response. You can then decide what needs to change to ensure this problem doesn’t continue. This is also a good question when gauging whether or not a self-service portal would benefit your client base. If it would, your team can start working on a knowledge base that allows customers to find solutions on their own.

What Support Interaction Has Been Most Helpful?

The customer experience you provide has a big impact on client retention. It stands to reason why you would want to know what you’re doing right. This way you can try to scale that type of service to your entire support department. This question will also give you a good idea which support feature is working well. It can also help you understand which reps are going the extra mile for your clients. Another benefit of this question is that it often leads to a conversation about an interaction that didn’t go so well. This will help expose problem areas you didn’t know were there.

How Can We Improve Your Customer Service Experience?

Knowing exactly what your clients want is necessary for setting future goals and making changes to your existing operation. You may be hesitant to ask this question in fear of getting a request you can’t accommodate. However, you can’t grow unless you know exactly how to better serve your client base. Fortunately, this question will often lead to changes that are within reach. Sometimes a simple fix was right in front of you, but you were too busy to see it. Things as simple as adding certain content to your knowledge base or improving your email response time can improve your overall customer satisfaction.

Get the Feedback You Need to Initiate Change

Asking these simple yet effective questions will help you collect all the data you need to streamline your customer service process. You’ll be surprised at the impact even the smallest changes can have.

If you decide you need to integrate configurable customer support software in your existing infrastructure, PhaseWare can help. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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