Why the Customer Relationship is Just as Important as the Product

Sure, as a B2B entity, the quality of your product is fundamental to your success. However, a healthy relationship with your customers may be a lot more important than you think. In fact, the connection your support staff has with your clientele is just as important as the product you provide. This is probably why companies have started offering a wide range of support tools such as self-service options to their customers.

In addition to tech solutions for customer support issues, the personal interaction you provide can work wonders for your business. This is a chance for you to build trust and set a foundation for a lasting partnership. Let’s go over some ways to foster a strong relationship with your customers and what this will do for your organization.

Go The Extra Mile for Client Retention

Every time your reps engage in a support interaction, there is a chance to exceed your client’s expectations. This could make for a much more memorable experience with your brand and increases the chances your customers will stick around. It also increases the likelihood your clients will recommend your company to their connections. However, in order to provide this level of service, your support staff needs the right tools at their fingertips. If you find communication with your clients becoming difficult, you may need to integrate customizable customer support software to help streamline your process.

The Value of Listening

People have come to expect auto response messages and chatbots when interacting with a company. While these tools are invaluable to a high volume customer support operation, nothing compares to a real human. When your reps take the time to listen, your clients will feel like their concerns are actually being heard. Not only does this genuine interaction help build trust, but it also allows your support team to get a firsthand account of product issues and support flaws. That’s why it’s important to encourage your reps to ask questions during calls. This will help draw out more information and form a closer relationship between them and the client.

Your Customers Can Help You Grow

The more you learn about your clientele, the better you can anticipate their needs. This is crucial for enhancing the experience you provide. It’s also beneficial when developing new sales and marketing initiatives. This all results in future growth. However, aside from a close relationship between your support staff and your clients, you need to be looking at metrics. These numbers can key you into certain trends such as common issues related to a product or what content in your self-service knowledge base is popular with your clients. It’s imperative you implement visual data tools to help you report and analyze these statistics. The close familiarity with your customer will have a big impact on organizational growth.

If you’re ready to form a closer connection with your client base, overhauling your support infrastructure will help. PhaseWare can help you implement customizable customer support software that will provide you with the tools you need. Contact us today to learn more.


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