What are the Goals for Tier 0 in Customer Support?

Today, customer support is all about efficiency and versatility. When considering how to improve the quality of the customer experience you provide your B2B clientele, you can’t ignore tier 0 support. This tier involves self-service functionality. More specifically, it allows you to provide support services that empower your customers to find solutions themselves. Thus, they don’t need to reach out to your service reps via phone, email, or live chat.

A huge benefit of tier 0 support is it helps both the customers along with your internal operation. Through the use of an online knowledge base, your clients can access content related to product issues, training, and FAQs. In addition, your in-house team can use this content to provide better support to customers reaching out to them via traditional methods. To give you a better idea of how this support service works, let’s go over the goals of tier 0 customer support.

Help Customers Use Knowledge Base Content

The primary goal of tier 0 support is to help your clients use your online knowledge base effectively. To do this, the content you provide must be relevant and accessible the second they need it. But how can you deliver high-quality content to clients in such a responsive way? The answer is to proactively spot an issue and provide a client with the information they need before they contact your team. This allows them to effectively resolve the issue on their own. By implementing customizable customer support software, your reps will have the resources they need to provide proactive support without having to engage directly with your clients.

Reduce Frequency of Incoming Calls

Internally, tier 0 will take a lot of stress off your support team. By providing clients with the resources they need to resolve issues and educate themselves on your product, you’ll see a big drop in incoming calls. However, your resources must be up-to-date and thorough. This means you’ll need to examine metrics in order to understand what information needs to be improved and what isn’t getting used. Doing so will provide an ever-changing knowledge base that aligns with your customer’s needs.

Utilizing Tier 0 Internally

If you provide a portal where customers can access product information, it needs to be high-quality. This means you need to utilize employee knowledge to constantly improve the content you’re providing. In this situation, your support reps are always helping the online portal grow by using direct feedback from clients and trends related to product issues. Furthermore, your staff can reference this content when providing phone or chat service. They can also share this content with other reps looking for answers to support questions.

Let Tier 0 Support Work for You

If you want to stay current on customer service trends and allow your clients to take product support into their own hands, you need to implement tier 0 strategies. This will help deliver the right information to your clientele and also help your reps provide the best service possible.

PhaseWare can help get your tier 0 infrastructure up and running in no time. Contact us to discuss your options.

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