3 Ways Customer Support can Upsell and Cross-sell

While no two businesses are created in exactly the same mold, both in terms of the goods or services they provide and in their overall operational workflow, the one goal every business across the world shares, naturally, is to see an expansion in their profit margins. And while it may seem as if this should largely be the purview of the only sales department, the reality is every team, and every employee, within the company can help increase profits.

This includes the customer support team, who is often overlooked when it comes to the concepts of upselling and cross-selling, as they often interact with clients after the product has already been sold and the customer then has questions. Even though the customer support team is anchored by utilizing high quality customizable customer support software, they are capable of being even more than just a team that assists customers by learning how to properly upsell and cross-sell. To begin with, let’s take a few moments to define those terms in greater detail, and then we will go into three distinct ways in which your customer support team can utilize these tactics.

What is Upselling and Cross-selling?

Though the two terms are closely related, upselling and cross-selling do differ ever so slightly. Upselling is often seen in companies that specialize in selling their products via a subscription model, such as the streaming services which are so popular right now, like Netflix and Hulu. The idea simply revolves around getting the customer to upgrade the subscription to a more premium level of membership, for which they will obviously receive a superior product.

Cross-selling focuses more on making the client aware of peripheral accessories which will further enhance their user experience and should be focused specifically around things the customer has already purchased.

With this in mind, how can your customer support team utilize these strategies? They all vary slightly, but one thing they do have in common is that they require your customer support team to be using excellent software for B2B customer service.

Tailor Your Upsell to The Goals Your Customer is Trying to Accomplish

When trying to successfully complete an upsell, it is vital that your customer service team remembers a client who has contacted them is not, at any time, thinking they are going to hear a sales pitch during the call, so do not offer them one.

Instead, try and focus on listening to your customer on a person to person level and figure out what end, exactly, they are trying to utilize your product for. Once you know why the client is a client in the first place, you can more easily market them something they will actually need.

Match Your Upsells and Cross-sells to Your Client’s Budget

Certain clients, based on budgetary restrictions and company size, will simply not need to utilize the top tier of the product you are selling. It is important to make sure that when you are utilizing these sales techniques, you are matching them to the client’s budget. Trying to sell someone something they will never use is a strategy that simply does not work.

Use Configurable Customer Support to Track Past Purchases

One of the great things about having configurable customer support software is that it can be used to take notes and track a client’s past purchase history, and all of this information can be stored in one place. With all of the information in hand, it is much easier to personalize the experience for the customer support team and figure out what the client is most likely to need.

For more information on how configurable customer support software can increase your upsell and cross-sell effectiveness, contact PhaseWare through their website today.

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