How an Online Help Desk Solution can Change Your Company

In today’s day and age, when people need information or assistance with a product, they do not want to wait for it, under any circumstances. If they feel an answer is taking too long to be provided or the information they have been given is not useful, it is only a matter of time before they end up leaving the product, and its corresponding company behind entirely and moving on to a different product entirely. As a B2B company which wants to see continued growth, having superior customizable customer support software is a great place to start, but it should just be one portion of your overall customer service strategy, not its entirety. With all of this in mind, how can an online help desk solution change your company for the better?

An Effective Online Help Desk Helps the Customer Service Team Stay Synchronized

By rooting the online help desk solution in a knowledge base that is easy for the members of your customer service team to update in real time, you will allow the entire team to stay synchronized by having one common set of articles from which support agents can pull information from. With this implemented it will ensure both a more timely response to the individual ticket and an overall unified response style as a whole, which gives the appearance of a strong, cohesive unit to all of your clients.

Tickets No Longer Get Lost in the Shuffle

Another great benefit to having an online help desk that has been correctly integrated is that, as the amount of tickets increase, they will not get lost in an avalanche of other backlogged tickets because there are too few team members to handle them. By having an online help desk solution that has a built in self-service component, many of your customers will be able to have questions answered on their own, without the assistance of an agent. The cases that are too difficult to be solved by consulting a help desk article will then be escalated up the chain accordingly.

Data Reports Allow You to Actually Quantify the Work You Are Doing

An excellent and highly useful component to having an online help desk solution is that your team will be able to quantify all of the hard work they have done by receiving an individualized data report on the time they have spent with each client. This not only allows you to see how hard individual members of your team are working, but also which agents work well with certain clients. It also allows you to see how often each client contacts your team on a regular basis, thus seeing how “needy” they are in a private space that only the customer service team can see.

Having an active, correctly integrated online help desk solution can make a massive difference in terms of customer satisfaction, and therefore the overall growth of your company.

If you want to use customizable customer support software to create an online help desk solution for your company, contact PhaseWare at their website today or by phone.

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