The Run-Down On Reporting

Running reports for your company has innumerable benefits, but only when it’s done correctly. There is a right and wrong way of doing reporting, and at PhaseWare, we’ve spent over a decade researching and testing the best methods to bring our expertise to the table for our customers. The reporting tools we have developed are some of the most versatile, ambitious, functional toolsets out there — and in this post, we’ll tell you why.

Taking the time to nail down the right reports for your company is the right time investment to make.  The simple truth about reporting is that most employees don’t bother with looking them up. More than that, if your employees are being handed a stack of paper with printed out statistics on them, half the time they won’t even be looked at! A huge part of cashing in on reporting tools is, in effect, making them ingestible. Our reporting tools provide the best methods of presentation so that your employees can glance over, glean what they need to know, and move forward in a more knowledgeable light.

The other factor to consider when creating usable reports is the where factor. Do you place them on a desk? Hang them on a bulletin board? These may have been viable options in the past, but in this day and age, you’ve got to go paperless. It’s quicker, brighter, more accessible, and hey, environmentally friendly. With PhaseWare’s Dashboards features, you are able to place the daily charts right there on your agents’ home screens, so that your agents will get used to being in the know from the very moment they sit down at their desks in the morning. With the company’s health and needs readily readable, your agents will be able to hold this information in the back of their minds through all interactions and activities. With almost no effort, the attitude and performance of the company can be drastically improved just by placing reports where people can see them.

Another vital feature from PhaseWare is the customization — one of our major advantages for our products across the board. We have learned that every business has its own very particular needs, and nobody knows your business better than you do. With your own expertise and PhaseWare’s endlessly configurable setup, you’ll be able to curate the ideal and unique reports that your team needs. And if you’re ever having trouble at any step along the way, just give us a ring. We’re ready to help create something new whenever you need it!

Reporting is a must-have for a growing business. PhaseWare has the experience, the products, and the right tools for you. Start a free trial today and use our products yourself (no credit card required). 

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