Energizing Your Workplace

The daily grind takes its toll on everyone. Even the most dedicated employees can have a tough time staying motivated at the workplace if the environment gets too stale. This is why it’s important to make sure that you’re keeping focused on the mental health of your employees as well as the financial health of your company. Balancing the two is a delicate art that takes practice and time, but with the right intention and organizational skills, you can come to excel.

One of the best ways to energize your workplace is to keep a system of feedback available to your employees at all times. This can mean having a “Complaints” jar sitting at your desk, in the smallest manifestation, but it can also mean equipping your company with a full scale feedback software system, in which employees can participate, evolve ideas, learn from each other, and find a sense of place. The benefits of implementing an employee-based feedback system aren’t just topical. You will be able to glean what is working for your company and what isn’t, as well as improving your employees’ experiences and increasing the employee retention rate. Long-lasting relationships between employees and companies are what builds the fiber of a good organization.

Another method of energizing your agents is to provide them with the exact tools they need, like a knowledge base, ticket tracking software, and organizational tools. It can be attractive to cut corners here and there to save money, but to do so at the cost of your employee’s faith is a faux pas. When your team tells you that they need a better set up for X, the solution is to keep asking your team what would work and believe in their testimony when they offer it. When it comes to communication, it always pays to follow the Golden Rule: treat (and listen to) others as you’d like to be treated (and heard)! The pushback that can result from resisting your employees’ reported needs can not only create tension in the workplace, but drastically injure employee motivation and cause you to lose agents that you’ve spent valuable time training.

Being proactive about employee care is also a fantastic way to keep the crew going. When an employee comes into work in the morning to find that their desk has been repaired when they hadn’t even reported it yet, that surprised, pleased feeling will last for a long time. It’s simple acts like this that can help grow a sense of belonging and trust between you and your agents, and from that relationship, your company will also grow.

When it comes down to it, the same rules apply to employee satisfaction that apply to customer satisfaction — people want to be heard and cared for, and that’s something you can provide!

Providing good, reliable tools is one of the ways you can improve your workplace. PhaseWare has just what you need. Register today for a free trial!

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