The Life of Leisure: 3 Steps to B2B Success

If you’re a business who deals with other businesses, then you already know the importance of pleasing your B2B customers. This type of customer can often make the difference between a quarter in the black and a quarter in the red — so ensuring that your B2B relationships are healthy is tantamount to ensuring the success of your company. One of the most important aspects to a happy B2B relationship is focusing on your customer service department. With that, comes many subcategories. Here are the top 3 things to excel in so that you can please your B2B customers:

1. Provide full service, multichannel access points to ease customer/company interactions. When a business needs to connect with your customer service department, one single access point isn’t always enough quickly get the help they need. And that company isn’t always obliged to use the same method twice, should further support be required. This means that allowing companies to contact a phone line, live chat support, or e-mail support team at their preference will smooth any interaction from the start — especially as PhaseWare has worked on perfecting their multichannel customer service options for a decade. The seamless customer view from your company’s side of the interaction will enable your agents to view every interaction from every contact point available, so that no research is necessary to pick up exactly where you last left off.

2. Bone up on your self-service options. What’s better than 24 hour customer service options? With PhaseWare’s Self Service Center (SSC) software, your customers will be able to reach the answers they need at all hours of the day and night — they can even access their own customer files and the ability to create and submit their own incident tickets if further support is needed. The proper self-service portal will allow access to software updates, downloads, a powerful knowledge base, solutions, forums, notices, FAQ pages, and more.

3. Give your team notifications and alerts to keep the work day organized and increase company reliability. If your customer service representatives are experiencing a larger amount of incidents as your company grows, the best way to ensure that the quality of service is maintained is to allow your software to do the heavy lifting when it comes to meeting deadlines and meeting SLA compliance requirements.  

If you’ve landed a relationship with another business, the importance of valuing that relationship cannot be overstated. Ideally, you would make things as easy as possible for your businesses — they want to live the life of leisure. While these three items are necessary to your B2B success, many other factors come into play on a day-by-day basis! Keeping a general mentality of respect and esteem between you and your business-customers will help you make the right choices along the way to keep your B2B relationships healthy.

PhaseWare is prepared to give your company exactly what it needs to excel in B2B relationships. Contact us today for a free trial or demo — no credit card required!

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