How Task Management Should Tick

In a recent study produced by our friends over at Software Advice, it was shown that 77% of companies place task management at the top of the list for software requirements. In this post, we’ll go over the necessary features of a good task management program and what a company stands to gain from dynamic, functional task management software.

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At PhaseWare, we’ve spent over a decade perfecting our task management software to deliver in the three key areas that Software Advice identified in their post: defining the issue, setting deadlines, and listing available resources.

PhaseWare’s task management software provides automatic issue categorization to defeat the need for tiered support, increase the clarity of agent workdays, and give users the kind of reliable support that will free them up to focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about details and organization. Incoming tasks will be automatically disbursed to the proper party or parties, and team members will have immediate access to all necessary information for the issue at hand and the account information for its source.

Our software will also keep representative teams on top of deadlines and time requirements like issue resolution, progress reports, and whether or not a ticket is nearing one of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) boundaries. Task management came up as one of the top requirements for software because companies are seeing that human and clerical errors can be all but eliminated by using a robust software system to do the grunt work while the actual experts do the intricate issue resolution work. PhaseWare’s automated programs facilitate this idea by taking over all the processes of deadline reminders and providing notifications by e-mail, popup window, or even text message as the user desires.

Another side of PhaseWare’s software which satisfies the task management needs is the well-developed, fully customizable system of reporting. With over 80 reports out-of-the-box, companies will be privy to the full extent of their own faculties and activities. Every report has been tested and perfected for producing the most actionable data, and if it should happen that a company needs an alternative report, PhaseWare is also quick to help its users create and run their own custom reports whenever it’s needed.

At the end of the day, companies require task management software because it can be such a huge support system for every person on the team, from the sales floor to the CEO’s office. Managing tasks can be complicated, but not with the right software on your side. PhaseWare has the tools necessary to give any company, large or small, the issue tracking and task management capabilities to turn daily workloads into simple, streamlined processes.

Looking for the best task management software out there? Look no further. PhaseWare’s award winning software is ready to make your company’s day, every day of the year. Get in touch today for a free trial or demo!

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