The Know-How on Knowledge

Creating and offering a knowledge base can have a great number of positive effects for your company. With a heavy-hitting knowledge base, you will be able to reduce customer service contacts through all channels, increase customer satisfaction when they do choose to reach out, and increase the productivity and skill of your agents. It’s a must-have instrument for the modern business. When creating a knowledge base it’s important to keep a few key qualities in mind, to make sure that your representatives (and your customers!) are able to reap the benefits of such a tool.

The first and most important rule to keep in mind when creating a knowledge base is longevity. Stick to the basics when starting out, so that your knowledge base has a solid foundation that will be beneficial to its users for a long, long time. Building up your knowledge base can get detailed and complicated, so it’s important to have a supportive knowledge structure at the core.

A workable knowledge base also needs to be broad. Having the basics down is important, but having a vast expanse of knowledge and making that base easily and efficiently expandable is just as important.

Along that same line, it is imperative that your knowledge base be searchable. With PhaseWare’s natural language search and result ranking capability, your knowledge base will be at the command of its users, any time they need it. With this, it’s equally as critical to ensure that your information is keyword-centric, so that searching through the information gives more readily available results. PhaseWare offers powerful search engine tools so that the valuable information you have worked to gather is not lost in the closet of cyber space.

To be the most effective, the knowledge base that you create must also be easily accessible and well-organized. Customers who may be looking to use this tool will be coming from all different angles, so it helps to allow access to the information from a wide array of formats. Providing gateways to FAQ’s, product briefs, downloads, peer service, and forums will make the process of acquiring information that much easier for whomever is checking into your products.

A full-functional and encompassing knowledge base can change the game of customer service for your business. With the help of PhaseWare’s knowledge management products, you will be able to use your information to its greatest advantage, and create comfortable access to all who use it.




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