Scaling the Solution: Customer Service for the Great and the Small

When deciding on your customer support solution, cookie-cutter products can look appealing for their popularity. But choosing a solution which was not made for your company can have drastically negative effects on your company’s ability to meet the needs of its customers. One of the main issues in selecting an off-the-shelf solution is that it will often result in a product which does not or will not scale with your company.

When first starting out, perhaps your company has 10 customer service contacts in a day. You will need to ensure that your product is able to maintain its coherent flow of information and integration with a small number of contacts, so that customers feel well-cared for individually. PhaseWare’s tracker makes the process of covering each customer simple and complete, with a streamlined front on the customer’s side and a smooth interface on the representative’s side.

Equally as important is the need to fill the requirements of your business as it expands. Every product that PhaseWare offers is able to handle an unlimited number of customer incidents, if you have 10 in a day or if you have 1,000. The Tracker Desktop program will also allow you to view multiple incidents at once, so that you are covered on those particularly busy days. This way you can continue to use PhaseWare without interruption from the start of your business to its peak.

The dynamic Tracker Suite that PhaseWare offers is equipped with integrations systems and professional service which will be able to handle drastic changes in the needs of your company as they come along. It is an invaluable tool to you as a business owner to ensure that your customer service solution can stand up to the varying needs of your customers, and of your representatives. The professional services arena in particular can set you up with support systems specific to your needs, so that you are never left adrift to find your own solution to a problem or customer concern that you had not previously anticipated.

Selecting a customer service solution is a long-term decision. If, at the beginning, you opt for an out-of-the-box solution, you may wind up with a messy customer service situation which needs to be repaired and can require expensive, time-consuming work. PhaseWare is an affordable option for you and your company which will be able to scale and work with you to find the best, unique solution throughout the life of your business.



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