Increasing Customer Loyalty with Proactive Customer Care

Cultivating a reliable base of customer loyalty is fiercely advantageous to your business. One of the best ways to encourage customer loyalty is to make them feel taken care of, even when they aren’t paying attention. You can do this easily by keeping ahead of the game with proactive customer care.

When there is a potential customer service concern flaring up somewhere in the metrics of your company’s numbers, it can be really difficult to find that without the proper help. PhaseWare can make that pretty easy. In order to get the jump on customer support issues, PhaseWare offers a system of notification for any trends or inclinations so that you are aware of potential problems long before the majority of your customers are. In addition to the numbers, with PhaseWare you’ll be able to set customer incidents with automatic escalation, which can save a small problem from turning into a much larger one, and save a whole load of future customers from dealing with the same thing. You are also able to use PhaseWare to select and manage your notification settings for these features to the most comfortable set up for you and your company—be that email, popup window, or even text message.

Another side of proactive customer support comes at the end of an interaction: customer feedback surveys. Understanding what went well and what went poorly with your customer’s interaction is a key element to being able to predict how it may go with the next contact. PhaseWare’s customer support software offers a simple, unobtrusive feedback tool which will allow you to get the core of your customer’s opinion and use it to your advantage and aid your company in providing proactive support.

Taking care of customer concerns before they happen will allow your workforce more freedom to give a full customer experience to each and every contact, with the skill and knowledge that will leave every customer in more capable hands. Providing your employees with the ability to give preemptive customer care is just as helpful to the customer as it is to your business, letting everyone interact in a low-stress, higher satisfaction environment.

Equally as important is the need to provide a comprehensive knowledge base which your customers and representatives can access. Setting up an ample set of informational logs for your customers proves that you are professionals at what you do, and you have the answers before they’ve even formed the questions. A company in control of its assets is a company that customers can trust.

Providing proactive customer care lets your customers know that you are watching out for them. Once you have the advantage of being able to preemptively approach what may be a customer concern, you will see the benefits roll out across the board. With increased customer loyalty you will get multiple sales from a single customer, and increased sales spreading out in a cluster effect from that customer’s influence over friends, family, and acquaintances. There’s no way to overstate the importance of proactive customer care, and choosing PhaseWare’s products will put that advantage seamlessly into your company’s hands.


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