The Hard Truth About Customer Support Software

Customer service has innumerable sides. Keeping up with the demands of your customers and the needs of your company can be a long, difficult process if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily, acquiring the right tools can be as simple as choosing the correct customer support software. Here’s why PhaseWare’s Tracker is the best solution for you, your company, and most importantly, your customers.

#1: Instant results. PhaseWare’s team has a history of reliable customer service itself, and installation for their products takes just days, meaning that you can provide seamless customer support while improving your set up. It takes good customer service to make good customer service.

#2: Unlimited contacts. If your business is just starting out, you may only experience a handful of customer service contacts in a day, which PhaseWare is ready to help you optimize. But you can only go up from there. Tracker is molded to provide support for endless customer service contacts, so that PhaseWare’s products are able to grow and change with your company to fit exactly what you need, because customer relationship management matters.

#3: Coverage across the board. Providing customer service isn’t a single department anymore. To stay on the competitive edge and maintain the ideal of service, your company needs to be able to answer the call no matter which form it takes. PhaseWare’s tracker can help you set up a system of support inclusive of phone care, email support, live chat, FAQ’s, open forums, and more.

#4: Comprehensive reporting. PhaseWare’s Tracker provides, off the bat, over 80 reports available for use, and knowledge is power. Allowing your company to take command of its metrics can create benefits in all areas of your products and the interactions with your customer. Reporting is a highly advantageous tool which can be overlooked in some of the other, cookie cutter software products, but with PhaseWare your ability to take the advantage of reporting is nearly limitless.

#5: Integrations. You know your company best. PhaseWare will work with you to integrate the most important systems into your own, and create the most comfortable environment for your representatives to work in. Integrating systems comes with a standard set of Outlook, JIRA, and Salesforce, but can be configured to include anything that your company would require.

PhaseWare’s Tracker Suite has the ability to take your company to the next level. Customer service is the gateway to improving every aspect of your business, and implementing the most useful toolset for your customer service department will provide you with innumerable, long-lasting advantages.


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