Making it all Come Together: How to Unify Your Customer’s Information

Understanding your customers is an important aspect of providing the most efficient, effective, and satisfactory customer service. It can be difficult to stay on top of everything, however, when you take into account that a customer may choose to contact your company through a different means each time they have a question. Expecting your employees to do the full research on a customer’s history with every incident they face is unrealistic, so how do you beat the odds and give your representatives the information they need? The solution lies in providing a thorough system of unifying your information, and giving your team the customer tools to use it with ease.

With PhaseWare, you will be able to set your representatives up with a 360° view of each customer they come across, creating a much more efficient mode of CRM. The display and style of your company’s personal needs can be configured to your liking as well, so that all the information is available in the most comfortable format for you. Each individual representative of yours will have smooth access to the info they need across however many channels your company may be receiving contacts. With PhaseWare’s simple, easy-to-use system integrations, you will have no trouble in keeping the most pertinent customer info at the forefront of the incident and increasing the levels of customer satisfaction.

With these software tools set into place, your employees will be able to benefit from instantly getting to know the customer. The ability to improve customer satisfaction hinges upon the representative’s ability to truly understand the customer, what he or she has been through, and what will resolve their concerns in the most comprehensive way. Representatives will be able to see if a customer has multiple open tickets, contacted about the same issue more than once, or if he or she has been a long-standing, loyal customer for years. Once your employees are better able to solve their incidents with a quick and compassionate response, the results will show in your customer service feedback polls with appreciation and satisfaction all around. The stress of resolving a customer incident loses its weight when you can take command of unifying the customer experience and everyone is in a position of understanding each other.

It is also important to keep in mind that the speed of response can change the outcome of any incident. With everything your team needs at their fingertips, they will be able to provide faster customer support and please their customers with their full range of knowledge. Unifying your customer support system is an easy way to improve all aspects of the customer service that you can provide.


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