The Four Best Channels for B2B Customer Support

Efficient multi-channel customer support is vital for B2B success. In order to maximize the effect of your customer support strategy, take a look at how multiple channels function within your system. 

What are the best channels for B2B customer support that ensure you’re providing the best service possible? 

The human touch: Phone

It’s an old school customer support technique, but it works. Phone support in B2B settings is often the preferred form of communication, and it makes sense. Most people have a much easier time discussing problems and solutions over the phone vs. email—especially for technical issues.

Verbal B2B customer support helps build trust. Although trust building isn’t a frequently discussed goal in terms of customer support, talking to a live human being offers a different experience than simply sending an email. Empathy, humor, and personality are more readily conveyed over the phone. 

Online Support

Although web forums, emails, and form tickets can be less personal than phone support, customers prefer these support methods for general inquiries. When users experience problems that aren’t overly complicated or urgent, many B2B clients are happy to submit inquiries through the web. 

Static web-based B2B customer support also provides an element of convenience, since the client can respond to feedback in his own time. 

Live Chat

Live chat is quickly becoming the most popular method of B2B customer support. It offers the same convenience as email without needing to give undivided attention when on the phone. This apparent disconnect from support personnel on the other end actually makes some customers more comfortable than phone conversations. 

The biggest benefit that live chat offers is a more rapid response compared to an email or web-based inquiry. Quick response rates in customer support is the single most important element to ensure customer satisfaction, so having live chat is necessary to handle a large volume of customers who need fast solutions. 

In coming years, live chat is expected to become an increasingly popular method of customer support. As of 2015, 18% of B2B customers prefer using live chat on a website over any other customer support method. 

Does Social Media Have a Place in The World of B2B Customer Support?

Currently, social media customer support for B2B is seriously falling behind other methods. With approximately 7% of small business owners using social media for customer complaints, Facebook and Twitter aren’t favored for B2B customer contact. 

Still, you don’t want to write social media off of your support system completely. On the chance that a B2B customer support inquiry comes your way via Facebook or Twitter, you’ll need to be prepared. Merely having an active, yet seldom used channel will reflect positively on your organization if you are responsive to inquiries. Set up notifications to your email or Tracker Dashboard when customers pose questions or suggestions in order to address the customer’s issue quickly and accurately. 

Offer Quality Customer Support–No Matter The Method

Whichever method of B2B customer support that your customers frequent, be sure to offer superior quality support. With the assistance of PhaseWare’s Tracker, all of your support channels work as one to retain more customers, build trust, and offer exceptional customer service every single time.




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