The Benefits of Collaborative Customer Support

In today’s customer-driven market, ensuring customer satisfaction is crucial to the survival of your business. It’s dangerous to depend on segmented customer support systems where information can easily slip through the cracks—resulting in nothing but frustrated customers that are ready to take their business elsewhere. 

Customers are the lifeblood of your company, and your customer service reps shouldn’t work in isolation. When departments create a collaborative effort to provide top-notch customer service, your business can continue to grow and thrive. 

Applying Collaborative Customer Support in The Real World 

The following are some common examples on how collaborative customer support can benefit your business: 

Smoother Sailing For Social Media Support

We’re in the era of the digital age, and social media often acts as a primary extension of a businesses customer support services. Company Facebook timelines can feel like an online complaint forum, so it’s important to stay on top of customer service comments and tweets as they happen. 

Twitter is also a popular forum for small businesses to interact with other organizations they work with. Similarly, many larger corporations have a marketing presence on online communities like Tumblr and Reddit. For B2B or B2C support, companies like AMD, Adobe, and HTC promote products and answer questions—but all in a way that benefits the community. A small business may pose a question on Reddit about how to best use an HTC product for business, and the social media staff from HTC will be able to provide relevant information through collaborative means like the chat functions on PhaseWare’s Tracker Suite. 

Smart and Actionable Technical Support And Maintenance

One of the aspects of customer service is overcoming common issues in technical support and maintenance. We all know how technology tends to glitch and present a variety of problems, and it’s up to the support team to readily provide solutions to customers. 

When frequent technical issues arise, collaborative customer support can help representatives make suggestions to various departments for a solution. Shelly might be handling calls all day long about the most recent Android glitch, and she spends quite a bit of time logging notes on the issue. She can increase her efficiency by submitting action items to the tech department and help create a solution—even if it’s outside the area of her expertise. 

Cohesive Support: From Marketing to Retention

Gaining and retaining customers is essential to establishing your business. Maintaining your customer’s confidence across all channels requires streamlined communication between departments. 

From marketing to sales and customer support, communication is key for providing a truly collaborative experience. PhaseWare can facilitate chat between departments, track open support tickets, and turn every team member into a customer support expert. Collaborative customer support means taking actions that benefit the customer, and ensuring that all other departments are on the same page. Follow-through is never an issue with centralized problem solving and communication.  

How Can PhaseWare’s Collaborative Support Help Your Business Succeed?

PhaseWare’s Tracker, with its chat tool and ability to display a wealth of information from a single screen, streamlines the customer support process by providing facilitating intelligent department communication. It offers the solution of a single platform, increasing the overall efficiency of customer support and collaboration between departments. Is your team communicating effectively? Request a demo and let us show you the way to greater synergy through working collaboratively.


Collaborative Customer Support

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