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Check out the new product video that showcases our hottest features. Are you ready to get rave reviews from your customers? Grab your popcorn and meet the stars of our PhaseWare products video! 

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Quick and easy set-up

The entire Tracker Suite is highly configurable and doesn’t require any special, outside support. You design the system in the way it best supports your business’s customer support goals. Track only what you want to track. Report on what you want to report, now matter how you want to slice or dice your data. 

Customer-empowering Self-Service Center

The Self-Service Center gives an outstanding performance, allowing customers to go online to submit incidents, search the knowledge base, participate in forms, retrieve documents and downloads, and view company-wide trouble tickets and reports. 

Heads-up Alerts

Ever versatile, alerts can play many roles. They can show up on computer screens, on dashboards and on mobile devices. Use them to manage priority tickets, to notify customer service representatives (CSRs) who are away from their desks, or to broadcast important messages across your support team. In the video, you’ll see a CSR from Kitty Ware receive an alert on his mobile phone and use Tracker Mobile to reassign it to another CSR (appropriately named Cat Jones). 

Visual data with Dashboards

Visual data is the fastest way to make sense of the data you’re viewing. Tracker’s Dashboard can be configured to show charts and gauges of unresolved calls, tickets, live chat sessions—virtually any data you want to view. Spend more time helping customers and less time trying to sort out numbers. 

Collaboration Tools

With its Live chat tool and ability to display a wealth of information from a single screen, Tracker streamlines the customer support process by providing facilitating intelligent department communication. It offers the solution of a single platform, increasing the overall efficiency of customer support and collaboration between departments. 

Customer surveys

Tracker enables you to gather feedback at specific touchpoints and across different journey maps, so you can make an informed decision about what touchpoints to improve first. By using surveys and other data to determine the first areas of improvement, businesses can begin investing in tools and processes to address customers’ pain points. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So don’t just take our word for it; check out the new video and see why B2B companies love PhaseWare.


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