The Data You Should Focus on with an Omnichannel Approach

An omnichannel support environment allows you to provide an extremely versatile customer experience. In this situation, your clients have multiple ways of getting the support they need for product issues. However, an omnichannel approach isn’t always easy for support teams. There are a number of moving parts that must all come together for agents to provide high-quality service on a daily basis. That’s why it’s imperative you gather and analyze data regularly. Using configurable customer support software makes this process easy, but you still need to know what data you should be focusing on. Let’s go over several key metrics and what they can tell you.

Ticketing Trends

Discovering when your ticket volume spikes and where they’re coming from can help you make important changes to your operation. Many times, a boost in tickets follows an event such as a product upgrade or sale. If this is the case with your organization, you can better prepare your support team for the next spike in tickets. Looking into automated ticketing may be a step you need to take in order to remove some of the stress from your support team. You should also look at what issues your clients are more prone to send tickets for. There’s a chance you can head these problems off at the pass with proactive support or a more comprehensive onboarding process.

Self-Service Performance

If you offer a self-service portal, you need to understand how it’s performing in order to determine if changes need to be made. After all, there’s no point offering it if it’s not worth using. Analyze what content in your knowledge base is getting a lot of traffic and what’s getting ignored. This will shed some light on what problems your clients are having. It may benefit you and your clients if you expand on these popular areas. On the other hand, if you see content that’s not getting used much, it’s either time to take it down or revise it.

Client Satisfaction for Each Channel

In an omnichannel environment, you need to know which channel is proving the most successful and which one is failing. Take a look at ticket resolution metrics to determine how the client reached out to your team to find answers. Let’s say you find that live chat rarely produces successful results or that resolution times are extremely high. This means you’ll need to take a closer look at how your agents are handling chat services and where they’re hitting snags. You may need to rethink how this feature fits into your overall omnichannel environment. Looking at metrics will help you understand where customer satisfaction is the strongest, but you should also consider sending out client surveys every few months.

Ensure Omnichannel Support Works for You

When providing multiple support channels, you can’t assume everything is functioning as it should. Looking at data on a regular basis is essential if you want to achieve well-rounded success.

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