How to Strengthen Your Agents Efficiency

Is your support department struggling to fulfill your client’s needs on a daily basis? If so, there’s a good chance individual agents aren’t working as efficiently as they could be. Not only will this problem hurt the customer experience you provide, but it also creates internal frustration. That’s why it’s important to pinpoint major setbacks and take measures to streamline your process. A lot of this can be achieved by implementing configurable customer support software into your operation. This will give your agents the tools they need to boost their productivity and make the customer support process much more efficient. Let’s break down exactly how you can make these tools work for you.

A Centralized Interface

Your agents should have access to the most up-to-date client information at all times. If they don’t, there’s a good chance they’ll have to locate things like previous tickets and SLA information when a client calls in for support. This drastically increases resolution times and makes things much harder on your agents and the clients. However, by implementing the right software, agents can work with a customized dashboard that contains all the information they need. It will also enable them to jump between support channels seamlessly instead of transferring clients or spending time switching programs.

Make Self-Service a Necessity

Another tool that configurable customer support software can provide is a self-service portal. This provides a way for clients to find solutions to their problems on their own instead of having to reach out to your agents. By providing an exhaustive knowledge base within your portal, your customers will have access to product upgrade data, troubleshooting techniques, and general product information. When they start relying on this, ticket volume will decrease. This means your agents can concentrate on improving their support process for more challenging issues your clients can’t handle on their own. A knowledge base can also be used internally so all agents have access to information regarding product updates and procedural improvements.

Seek Answers from Metrics

One of the best ways to determine where problems exist in your support operation is by looking at metrics on a regular basis. A data report will tell you what recurring tickets your agents are dealing with, where there are snags in your resolution process, and what support channels are the most successful. This information is invaluable when determining what changes need to be made. You can also measure agent performance when deciding if specific roles need to be shifted around. This could involve assigning agents to work exclusively with specific channels if they show success in a particular area.

Increase Efficiency with the Right Tools Today

Don’t let a poor workflow hurt the customer experience you provide your clients. Integrate the right software into your operation and give your agents the tools they need to succeed.

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