How to Utilize Customer Support Agents to Provide Content-Rich Support

B2B organizations that want to stay ahead of the pack need to take measures to enhance their customer support experience. This means providing high-quality content to their client base instead of waiting for issues to arise. Many companies are doing this with the help of self-service portals. These allow clients to access content related to products and services without having to reach out to agents.

This may seem like a support solution that gives all the power to your clients. However, your agents also play a vital role in providing content-rich support. In fact, they can be integral in the creation of this content. The result is a support environment that utilizes your product content as much as your client base does. Let’s go over some ways you can get your agents involved.

Let Agents Manage Content

A good knowledge base is the foundation of a successful self-service portal. This means you need to ensure only high-quality content makes the cut. It’s also crucial to keep building on existing material. Your agents are in the best position to help refine and manage your knowledge base. Why? Because they understand the problems your clients face and what answers are the most relevant and useful. Consider assigning agents to specific areas of content they specialize in. Their job is to go through the material and propose additions or revisions. This way your content is always changing and providing stronger support to clients seeking solutions on their own.

Incorporate Content into Other Support Channels

Since your agents are working to make product content as good as it can be, they should also be able to incorporate it into other support channels. For example, agents can provide links to relevant content while chatting with clients about an issue. They could also include content in follow-up emails once a ticket has been resolved. This way the client has additional information that could help if they ever experience a problem again. Finally, agents should be encouraged to reference content while providing phone support. This will boost the quality of service they provide and reduce resolution times. Let software for B2B customer support help you seamlessly integrate knowledge base content into other channels.

Use Content to Provide Proactive Support

The content in your knowledge base not only helps your clients find product solutions, but it can also be used by your agents when a product update or sale happens. Let’s say your development team is rolling out an update which could result in a spike in ticket volume. Instead of waiting for a flood of support requests, send clients links to content that will help them understand possible issues or changes to your product. Or, if you’re running a sale, you can send new clients the content they need to get started with your product. This type of proactive support is what leads to higher customer satisfaction and takes some of the stress off your agents.

Use High-Quality Content to Your Advantage

Content regarding your product or service is invaluable to your client base. However, your agents can also use it to their advantage when providing support solutions.

If you’re ready to make use of an extensive knowledge base, we can help. PhaseWare can implement software for B2B customer support to make the process easier. Contact us today to learn more.

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