PhaseWare’s Latest and Greatest Feature: SSC Goes Mobile

All the latest trends are on the go. E-mails, online shops, and even video games are growing bigger and bigger in the mobile space and PhaseWare is ready to keep your team one step ahead with its most recent release: Self Service Center for iOS and Android!

Every good customer service plan includes a mobile mode these days, but PhaseWare’s addition isn’t just any old app. We’ve created a heavy-hitting, native app with integrated functionality that will delight your staff and customers alike. Here are some of the highlights for the new software that will make you fall in love:

1. Constant, current incident management. With a single tap of your finger, a 24 hour accessible system will allow your customers to submit tickets, check the status of current incidents, update incidents, or even close them. From the bedside, the grocery store, the library, or anywhere at all. With the ever-present access comes a little piece of mind for customers who just can’t stop wondering about that ticket.

2. Photographic attachments. At this point in today’s culture, a picture is probably worth more than a thousand words. Your customers will be pleased at the ability to show and tell, so that no detail is lost and your agents are able to assess and resolve incidents more quickly than ever before. Pictures can be added at the onset of an incident or any time during the progress of the interaction.

3. Single-view access for users. One of the major drawbacks of a mobile customer support option is that restricted feeling of not being able to access all the necessary data. PhaseWare’s single-view feature allows your customers’ account representatives the ability to check information from all accounts they might need, eliminating the cramped up feeling of a limited access mobile app! No more will you struggle to properly assess a question due to the lack of a proper customer service tool. SSC mobilewill let you access any and all tickets, for any and all customers, instantaneously.

4. Smart notices and notifications options. The positive impact of keeping your customer in touch and up to date has been proven time and time again. E-mail notifications, while effective in the past, have become difficult to keep track of with the influx of daily e-mails to every customer’s inbox. Luckily, with the Mobile SSC’s quick, intuitive system of fully customizable notifications and notices, you can now give your customer a simple, informative mobile pop-up to keep them updated in real-time on the status of their incident.

PhaseWare’s tight command of customer service software has already set it apart from the crowd as a leader in the customer service industry. The continual improvements and additions are a part of what makes our company so wonderful, and we are pleased when your customers are pleased! The new introduction of the SSC mobile app takes our software to the next level so that every time your customers need to check in, it’s just a touch away. PhaseWare is excited to go abroad with the mobile app, so your customers can take you wherever they go!

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