GetApp Names PhaseWare a Category Leader in Ticketing Software!

GetApp, the widely acclaimed business application ranking site has recently posted a list of 2016 Category Leaders for Help Desk & Ticket Tracking capabilities. PhaseWare is proud to be acknowledged for its excellence in the field with the Tracker application! This honor came about using GetApp’s fair and independent scoring system which analyzes five factors to rate the functionality of each app: user reviews, integrations, mobile app availability, media presence and security. 

As far as features go, PhaseWare’s mobile app and integration options are some of the most able-bodied products on the market. By itself, PhaseWare’s integrations layout allows users to link systems like Outlook, JIRA, and Salesforce within minutes using the readymade setup which will deftly combine your external information from each system, letting you view and manipulate it at will. If that wasn’t enough, the experts on the PhaseWare team are also available to design and implement and integration system just for you¸ to make our own products compatible with anything you already like using. Crafted customization is our specialty.

The mobile app has also had some exciting new developments lately, as we just released a version for the SSC Mobile on both iOS and Android! Tracker Mobile has been praised for its ease of use, navigability, and powerful toolsets, setting a high bar that the SSC Mobile app aims to uphold.

PhaseWare’s is also very pleased to be recognized for its security implements and the measures we have taken to provide the utmost comfort for our customers in this digitally insecure age. Our optional cloud-based customer support portal allows customers to store their high-priority information on our hosted, secure servers for guaranteed safety. As we discussed in a previous post, the cloud-based option can also cut back on unintentional casualties in company security, like “Shadow IT,” as coined by Software Advice. Providing users the ability to login securely from any preferred device will ensure that no information is leaked through external e-mails, thumb drive transportations, or other exchange methods.

User reviews: we could not have done it without you! PhaseWare is so happy to be achieving the number one, company-wide objective of customer satisfaction. Thank you as well to the dynamic team at GetApp for commending our product with the Category Leader position! PhaseWare will continue working hard to provide top-of-the-line services for its current and future customers for many years to come.

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