Optimizing Your Organization

Growing your business is a noble pursuit, one that doesn’t always have a clear path or easy choices. But it is imperative to give the growth of your company your astute attention in order to continue to turn a profit and improve your products and services. Optimizing your organization is a process which really never has an end, but here are some of the most effective methods to use, from our business to yours:

  1. Get good customer feedback. There are a myriad of ways to collect feedback from your buyers, such as callbacks, e-mail bouncebacks, and customer surveys. At PhaseWare we’ve found that the most effective method of collecting feedback is all three at the same time — each customer is a complex and original human, and so providing different ways to give feedback not only encourages participation, but it also helps to coax the real stuff out. If you are able to get your customers to start speaking in earnest about their experience with your product, then you’d better be ready to record it, no matter what form it may take. This can include a lot of activity on social media, as well, so keep your eyes and ears open at all times!
  2. Equip your team. This is a pretty broad tip, but when applied with specifics, it can really make a stark difference in your daily office life. PhaseWare’s Dashboards product is one of the better methods of ensuring that your team has all the tools and reporting mechanisms they need. Dashboards are able to provide real-time support for your team when they need it, giving agents a better understanding of the company’s data and reports on a minute-by-minute basis. Dashboards will also help with team continuity, as it can act as a tracker for your time and key performance indicator list and help keep the whole crew on track.
  3. Automate as much as possible. Automation has a great way of making everything easier — and eliminating unnecessary mistakes. As far as we’re concered, there’s no way to automate too much of your business! If you are able to take the work out of a process, you are freeing up time for one of your expert agents to be able to better apply themselves elsewhere for your company, relieving them of tedious work and helping to ramp up the general speed of the company.

Cleaning up the details and particulars in your workplace may seem like it won’t do much, but in reality, prioritizing these items will actually create a massive positive change in your company’s ability to survive, grow, and sustain itself. Keep your eye on the little things and the big things will fall right into place!

You’ve got the business, PhaseWare’s got the tools. Get in touch today to get your hands on the customer service software product of a lifetime!

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