Why You Should Convert to Alerts

Automated software is an incredibly useful tool that you can install for your agents. It has the rare ability to produce nearly endless benefits with a high ROI — and what’s more, it will only increase in effectiveness the more you use it. Automation has been proven to be one of the more positive changes that you can make for your business, and it certainly isn’t without a leg to stand on.One of the best parts about automating your systems is that you will be able to receive notifications and alerts to keep your team on track throughout the day, month, and even the year. You’ll be able to stay on top of important events within the company, outside of the company, and anything in between, absolutely effortlessly. PhaseWare has perfected a system of alerts and notifications that will produce the exact information you need, and inform you of it the exact moment that you need to know it.
Some of the better uses for alerts include:

  • SLA deadline and SLA compliance records
  • Escalated ticket deadlines
  • Mobile status change notifications
  • Various in-app alerts with Tracker Beyond
  • And many, many more, available to be customized at your whim!

PhaseWare has, at its core, a dedication to efficiency. With automated alerts, you are able to set your team on the fast track, every single day. No longer will individual teammates need to keep a work agenda of all the customer and company deadlines they’ll need to meet over the next week — instead, their computer or mobile device will just give them a quick heads up for any upcoming tasks. Not only will this improve on performance and reliability, but it has been shown that the human brain has only so much energy it can spend per day on choosing, and this work set up will minimize the energy that your agents have to use on easily computerized items like schedule creation and maintenance. Your average customer service representative, and expert in emotional intelligence and company product, surely has much more pressing matters to approach than fiddling with a self-managed schedule!

One of the better ways to ensure employee satisfaction and retention is to provide your employees with the exact tools they need to succeed in their department — and PhaseWare’s products are proud to offer the high-end, tailored items that your company has been waiting for.

Start a Free Trial of our software and try out alerts and notifications for yourself and see how they can improve your business workflow on the daily. 

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