Dashboards: A Dream Come True

It’s no secret that reports and reporting tools are one of the major items that help businesses maintain their growth. The kind of information which can be gleaned and used from reporting tools is the kind of information that can shape your company’s entire future, if you are able to read it right. One of the biggest challenges to creating good reports is to monitor what is and is not actionable data — something for which PhaseWare has developed an absolute expertise. Headlining in our myriad of reporting tools is the incredible Dashboards feature, which has the potential to change the life of your business as you know it. Here are some of the key items that will delight and empower your team:

  • Visually compelling content. There’s nothing worse than staring at a black and white number chart — what can you really get out of something so bland? Reports that are printed and delivered with the flat monotony of a roll call have a pretty low chance of even being read, let alone affecting the work of the individuals to which they are presented. At PhaseWare, we emphasize that visual reports be presented in a way that encourages engaging with the content, makes the information easily understood, and ensures that the content is attractive on the page.
  • Proactive customer support. With the proper kind of reports, you can have the power of prediction at your fingertips. Reporting can be used to know when a particular issue trend is on the rise, and provide your customers with the support they need long before most of them even become aware of the issue. With this level of service, your customers will be pleased beyond the norm and become much more likely to tell others about your product and your company as a whole.
  • Increased workplace efficiency¬†levels. Metrics aren’t just a wad of numbers, with Dashboards involved. Keeping an eye on your team’s key performance indicator list like first call resolution (FCR) rates will allow you and your customer service representatives to maintain a firm grasp on the strengths and weaknesses of the team as a whole. This can have the effect of improving not only your employee performance levels, but also encouraging their current strong points and empowering them to continue to learn and change with the company.

Dashboards is a bastion of information which can help you and your company get a clearer vision of how to make positive forward motion in the field. Along with the amazing features listed above, you will also have the power to customize your Dashboards to the Nth degree, with workable widgets, embedded content, and a whole team of experts on standby to help create the most ideal customer service environment possible.

Dashboards is the feature you didn’t know you were waiting for. Ready to learn more? Contact us today¬†or sign up for a completely free trial. No credit card required!

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