Transcending Ticket Tracking

Ticket tracking software is handily better in execution than attempting to organize your customer concerns purely over email. Not only do you have centralized information, simpler reporting tools, and a cohesive, sensible workflow, but you also get the benefit of addressing your customers through any means that they choose, all from the same essential program. This kind of continuity has a lot of ripple effect on the quality of your service, and is undeniably favored by those working in your customer service (CS) department.

With that in mind, it’s absolutely necessary to invest in a ticket tracking program that will give your company all the tools and features you require, to optimize the experience you have with your customer service software. At PhaseWare, we believe we’ve created one of the best products available. Along with all the basic features of ticket intake and management, here are some of the amazing, PhaseWare-specific features that will change the way your company works on a day-to-day-basis:

  • Ticket tracking wherever you go. With our latest installment of mobile customer support software, you are no longer confined to your office computer. This software is designed to cooperate with our cloud-based support system, as well, so that your information stays safe and sound in our secure servers.
  • The ever-customizable Screen Designer will change your CS life as you know it. The layout of the applications screens are open to your interpretation, and manipulating the design is as simple as the click of a button. It’s engineered to provide your own, personal workspace, and energize your team with a smooth, intuitive layout.
  • Our PhaseWare integrations applications are second to none. With our software being some of the best in the business, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect applications like JIRA, Outlook, Salesforce, and more. In addition to this, if you have a specific system that you need to have hooked into your customer service software, our expert team of developers will have no trouble working out how to make that happen once the software has been installed.

And on top of all of this, our customer support software system is designed to be responsive and flexible, so that every buyer has the ability to change and adjust the features as they see fit. Our team is fully trained and equipped to make your PhaseWare experience one-of-a-kind, as configurability is kind of our main gig — if it doesn’t quite work as is, we’ll work with you to produce the best possible environment for your CSR’s and your customers to interact.

Why settle for less? Contact PhaseWare today to get started with the best customer software system you’ve ever seen. 

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