Live to Chat, Chat to Live: Why Live Chat is a Must Have for Your Business


Love them or hate them, the Millennials are upon us. The Millennial generation has gifted pop culture with invaluable things like viral YouTube videos, cell phone addiction, and a general fear of commitment. But it has also had its hand in changing the world of customer service. Millennials want their needs met urgently and efficiently, and they are willing to ask for it in a stronger voice than their parents ever found. How, as a company, can you meet the rising demands? Ideally, you would provide the speed and accuracy of a phone call, coupled with the ease and clarity of an email. This means, ideally, you would provide live chat.

It’s on the rise.  Because of the higher levels of employee efficiency and customer satisfaction, live chat has become one of the most popular methods of customer support from both an internal and external perspective.

Across the board, live chat customer service seems to yield better results than any other kind of customer service. You are able to give each customer a personal experience, even though the representative may be speaking with up to three customers at once. The interaction between the customer and the representative is low stress and low commitment, which is just the way Millennials like it, and just the way employees like it, too. The transcript is a ready-made receipt which avoids any of the messy he-said, she-said scenarios which might come up if the customer had been helped over the phone, and the customer’s issue is addressed instantaneously, avoiding the undesirable wait time of an email queue.

Live chat is a multi-faceted tool, and when used correctly, can reduce the stress on everyone involved in the incident. From the internal standpoint, you are able to divide your staff to handle chat requests, phone calls, or emails, dependent on the preference of the customer. It’s a broad model of support that is able to satisfy the customer’s needs no matter which channel they decide to select. Live chat is also the only place in which you can ask for assistance from your peers or your betters without interrupting the flow of communication to the customer.

PhaseWare’s live chat system not only allows you to comfortably connect with your customer, it also allows for multiple agents to interact with a contact in a single chat session. With this kind of support system available, each representative becomes an amalgam of the group’s expertise on a whole. This upper level style of service can give your company the boost it needs to go above and beyond the requirements of its customers.

When implementing live chat customer support, it’s imperative to have a system of organization to help keep a seamless front, regardless of whether or not the customer connects with the same representative. The wait time for a customer to have their issue resolved will drop dramatically with the ability to provide separate channels for specified products or topics. With PhaseWare’s Self Service Center and Tracker programs, it makes it pretty easy to give customers a flawless experience and resolve their concerns with a response time that lives up to any Millennial expectation.


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