Customer Surveys without the Cringe

Customer support surveys are an integral part of providing the full customer service experience. The only way to truly meet your customer’s needs is to first have those needs clearly defined. It can be challenging, however, to get the full scope of concerns and desires if the customers are disinclined to participate. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid when creating your survey and putting it into effect.

Time Lapse.
If the moment of interest is not fresh on the customer’s mind, not only will it be difficult for him or her to properly respond, it will also produce less reliable results. The time frame of the survey is pivotal to its usefulness, so it is to your advantage to offer it as soon as possible.

Being earnestly invested in your company can make it easy to get carried away with describing it. While there are a lot of advantages to having your heart in the job, this may not be the place to express it. Wordy customer surveys can lead to less feedback which is why it is critical to keep customer surveys short, sweet, and to the point.

Simplifying the survey can mean making straightforward questions and answers, but having a clear and easy interface is just as important. PhaseWare’s products give you a perfectly worded Quick Survey in a streamlined, single question format which won’t be a hassle for your customers to use. 

With the aforementioned Quick Survey feature, your customer support agents will receive immediate customer feedback which can then be viewed inside PhaseWare’s Tracker product to gauge customer satisfaction. One of PhaseWare’s strong suits is automation. With our Event Engine product, you can automate customer surveys at any step of the process and make the most of your customer support agent’s time.

Lastly, it’s best to avoid asking your customers to complete a survey. The moment the phrase is on the table, the interaction between your representative and your customer becomes stale and impersonal. The customer support survey is geared towards making the customer heard, and it’s unfortunate that at times it can have the very opposite effect.  When at all possible, have the representative pose the questions to the customer personally and input the feedback themselves to generate the greatest level of responses. Customers are perfectly willing to let you know what they need, it’s all just a matter of ease.




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