Does Your Business Need Customer Support Software?

You are a stellar business owner. You provide everything your customers need, and you provide everything your employees need. But once your outstanding performance has led your business to grow beyond your means, how can you keep your standard of excellence amid the rising numbers of clientele? You’ll need to watch for the warning signs of a business in distress. Here are three symptoms of a sickly business, in need of a customer support software solution.

#1: Angry customers complaining of a lack of service.

Along with the success of your business, you may find the growing number of customers have led to a growing number of concerns, which you are not always able to solve as quickly as you had in the past. It’s easy for customers to become angry at not receiving timely support, and this can create an unnecessarily bad impression on you and your company. No matter how well-made your products are, if the customer feels that you are not there when they need it, the effect is heavily detrimental and personal for each customer. It can lead to poor Yelp reviews, low Google ratings, and a misunderstood and overworked crew on the inside. Even with the meticulous and comprehensive customer support you have in place, all of its benefits are null if the customers can’t get to their solutions in time.

#2: Dropped issues.

If a customer becomes frustrated and gives up on pursuing a solution, this can also bear a negative reflection on your company. Oftentimes an issue will be dropped because of lost tickets, disorganized tickets, or the customer simply losing his or her patience with the time frame. PhaseWare’s customer support solutions allow your company to handle the ebb and flow of customer needs with SLA management to meet the pace of your customers. Documentation, reporting, and customizable support packages will help organize your workforce, while being able to set required response and resolution times for each priority will make quick, effortless work of a problem like dropped issues.

#3: Absent support or disorganized workforce.

While customer satisfaction is always a number one priority, keeping your employees satisfied runs a close second. If your employees are unsure of their task, that’s about the easiest way for them to get sidetracked in accomplishing it. With the nearly unlimited number of categories and odd concerns that your customers can bring to you, it’s important to ensure your ability to keep things in line so that everyone is aware of their own responsibility, and the customers are aware they are being helped in a professional and reliable manner.

Beware of a sickly business! If you are feeling overwhelmed by an unruly customer service branch, seeking a customer support solution will smooth everything back into the healthy, robust organization that your company was born to be.



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