Lean on AI to Reduce Customer Service Response Times

If a business wants to maintain client retention, providing a good customer experience is a necessity. In a support environment, this means offering fast service. In fact, a healthy response time is the most important ingredient in a successful customer support department. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to achieve. A business needs the right technology, especially if they experience a high volume of inquiries on a daily basis.

In recent years, tools that utilize artificial intelligence have started changing the support industry in a big way. This technology offers a level of automation that helps businesses provide faster, more reliable solutions. This can be achieved without the need to push agents harder or add more staff to account for overflow. Furthermore, agents have the opportunity to gain valuable technical knowledge that helps increase the quality of the customer experience a business provides. If your B2B organization needs help keeping up with client issues, keep reading to learn how AI can help.

The Power of the Chatbot

One of the most beneficial tools in customer support environments today is the AI-powered chatbot. They provide a level of customer support automation that goes far beyond traditional chat features that only provided simple responses to inquiries. Today, chatbots can offer in-depth, personalized assistance around the clock. This type of support isn’t limited to delivering automated answers. Chatbots can direct clients to knowledge base articles or transfer them directly to a live agent that specializes in handling their issue. This type of technology allows support teams to concentrate on putting out fires that require the attention of a live human.

Automation in All Areas

Slow response times are often the result of agents being overwhelmed with menial tasks like sending follow-up emails, transferring calls to the right department or generating data reports. All these jobs are essential but take away from the primary duty of any support team. However, the automation that AI provides can put an end to these problems at once. Instead of manually following up with clients, agents can set up auto-response messages. AI can also use machine learning to track client behavior and generate metrics in real-time. No more sifting through complex data to understand how to better serve your client base.

A Clear Understanding of Your Clients

When a customer calls in for help with a product issue, the more information your agents have, the better. However, if an agent has to spend time asking the customer questions, it holds up the resolution time. With artificial intelligence running the show, this won’t happen. AI-powered support software enables agents to see the full history of each client’s support activity in seconds. They’ll be able to see what issues they’ve had in the past and how they were resolved. AI will also monitor new client activity and update the system automatically. This means your agents will always have up-to-date information without having to make updates themselves.

Start Relying on AI Technology Today

In today’s competitive B2B marketplace, you can’t afford to settle for outdated technology when fulfilling customer support. Let AI-powered tools help your agents provide fast response times and high-quality solutions for every issue.

PhaseWare can get you started by integrating customizable customer support software into your operation. Contact us to learn more.

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