When Should Customer Support be Automated?

For businesses to thrive today, they have to offer a high-quality customer experience. Much of this responsibility falls on support teams. Solving client issues quickly and reliably instills trust in the consumer and improves the chances of customer retention. However, people now expect businesses to offer multiple channels through which they can find solutions. This demand has spawned a whole line of tech-driven support tools geared toward streamlining the process and making customer service easier.

If your support department is having trouble satisfying clients’ needs, customer support automation tools can provide a quick fix. This technology utilizes artificial intelligence, which means businesses can provide dynamic, personalized solutions to their client base. These tools also make things much easier for support teams who are under the gun. If you’re thinking about making the switch to automated support, but can’t decide if it’s time, keep reading. We’re going over three signs you need automation on your side.

Your Agents Are Frustrated

In addition to keeping your clients happy, you also have a responsibility to maintain positive morale within your support department. However, if your agents are working with outdated technology that makes the job harder, they’re bound to become disenthralled. Automated tools can reverse this frustration quickly. They’ll allow your agents to provide faster, more reliable support, which means they won’t have to deal with upset clients on a regular basis. Furthermore, implementing automated tools gives agents the opportunity to learn new technology that’s current and relevant to their line of work. They’re less likely to feel like they’re treading water, which increases employee retention. It also boosts your business’s reputation as a desirable place to work.

Resolution Times Have Increased

There’s a reason why customer support departments track resolution times. This metric has a huge impact on client satisfaction. You simply can’t retain clients if it takes them too long to find answers to product questions. Without automation, agents can easily get bogged down by high call volume or repetitive service requests. That’s why many companies have opted to integrate chatbots that use artificial intelligence. These tools have the ability to handle more inquiries and provide service that mimics that of a live agent. With a chatbot in place, agents can concentrate on overseeing the support operation and only jumping in when their expertise is required. No more chipping away at an ever-growing number of support requests.

Customer Experience is Deteriorating

Have recent client surveys exposed a decline in customer satisfaction? It’s time to make the switch to customer support automation now. Keep in mind that a poor customer experience may not be solely related to response times. Your clients may feel there’s not enough proactive outreach from your team or that you don’t offer alternative support channels. With automated technology, you’ll be able to provide everything from data reporting, knowledge base solutions, mobile support and more. You’ll be surprised how quickly your support department grows. Your clients will notice an immediate difference as well.

Bring Automation Into Your Support Environment

If you’ve started experiencing client churn or feel your support team is stretched too thin, it’s time to make the change to automated tools now. Waiting could cost you clients and future profits.

PhaseWare can help by integrating configurable customer support software into your operation. Contact us today to learn more.

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