Increase Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

In recent years artificial intelligence has changed the way businesses interact with their clients, especially during the support process. One of the tools that has benefited from the use of AI and machine learning is the chatbot. When they were first utilized, they were only able to facilitate minor chat functionality. However, with artificial intelligence working behind the scenes, chatbots can simulate human interaction.

B2B organizations have to ensure they’re providing the very best customer experience possible. If they start falling behind when it comes to technology, they risk losing clients to their competition. If your support experience is starting to show signs of weakness, adding a chatbot to your operation can work wonders. Let’s go over how these tools can help enhance the customer experience.

Personalize Your Customer Experience

Providing a customer experience that’s catered to each client has become increasingly important. Consumers and businesses expect more out of support teams than they did in the past. If your clients feel like they’re just a number, they won’t develop trust in your business. By using configurable customer support tools like chatbots, you can improve the personalization you provide your clients without having to tax your support team.

Because chatbots now come equipped with AI, they can gather important data each time a client interacts with them. All this data is stored automatically and can be passed off to live agents for use when interacting with a client. This information can involve support history and product information, which can be extremely useful when a client has a problem. Chatbots can also deliver surveys and gather customer feedback after each interaction, which can help your team learn more about how to improve a client’s experience.

Better Interactions Equal Higher Satisfaction

Some people feel like chatting with a chatbot is impersonal and ineffective. This may have been the case years ago, but artificial intelligence has changed all that. Chatbots can now recognize natural language in order to provide more dynamic interactions. In fact, chatbots now function similarly to virtual assistants. When an issue requires the involvement of a live agent, the chatbot will quickly pass the client off to the right person. This type of customer support automation makes for a better client experience and helps agents provide more effective assistance.

Another huge benefit of chatbots is speed and accessibility. Your customers can get help 24/7. If the issue can’t be solved then and there, a message will be sent to ensure a timely follow-up takes place. Providing this feature along with traditional support channels will result in a customer service infrastructure geared towards optimal satisfaction. The result is an increase in customer retention and a boost to your B2B organization’s business reputation.

Let Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots Build Trust

If you’re struggling to provide a customer experience that stands up to the competition, it may be time to take advantage of chatbots to make customer support automation a bigger part of your process. Your clients along with your support team will see the difference right away.

Let PhaseWare help you get started by implementing configurable customer support tools into your operation. Contact us today to learn more.

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