Leverage AI to Increase Proactive Customer Communication

Does your support team address issues once the client initiates the interaction? This is how traditional customer support departments function. However, things have started changing in recent years. It’s now becoming common for businesses to employ proactive support communication. This involves reaching out to the customer before an issue occurs. One of the biggest reasons this type of approach is possible is the availability of technology such as artificial intelligence.

There are a number of support tools that now utilize AI, which means you have the opportunity to collect data and also automate your process. This will allow your agents to reach out to clients with information geared towards avoiding problems before they occur. Keep reading to understand why you need to leverage these tools.

A Desire for Proactive Communication

Due to the use of high-end technology like artificial intelligence, customer support standards have risen dramatically. In the B2B marketplace, customers need to be sure your products will remain reliable on a daily basis. This means it’s up to you to proactively communicate in order to ensure issues are caught before they occur. Not only will your client base appreciate this, but they’ll expect it. Using artificial intelligence is the best way to determine how and when proactive support should occur.

AI is More Actionable

Proactive support must be purpose-driven. Reaching out to your client base just for the sake of creating a touchpoint serves no purpose. AI can help you discover actionable reasons to contact a client with the information they need to avoid product-related issues. For example, if a client primarily interacts with a chatbot when they have a problem, AI will collect crucial data during each session. This means you can look at trends related to how each client uses your product. If you have an update rolling out soon, you can provide proactive support to clients who will be affected by the change.

Instant Access to Customer Insights

Even if you use customizable customer support software to run data reports, there may still be customer insights you’re missing. These metrics are directly connected to the way your clients utilize your product and seek support. AI can help you collect instant data that you may otherwise never see. Chatbots are a great tool for this. They can deliver and record customer surveys after each interaction. They also use AI to track keywords and record data pertaining to common issues and the most effective resolutions.

AI-Powered Predictive Models

Proactive support is all about predicting a problem and then solving it before it happens. With AI technology, you can pull in data regarding past trends and probability to get a better sense of when an issue is likely to occur. This is invaluable information when trying to provide a seamless customer experience. Once you’ve determined when possible issues will occur, you can develop a support plan for reaching out to the necessary clients.

Make Proactive Communication an Integral Part of Your Process

For B2B organizations, it’s no longer good enough to rely on the traditional reactive support model. You need to implement AI tools to help you proactively communicate with your client base.

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