How to Use Chatbots to Drive Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

Healthy brand loyalty is essential for B2B organizations that want to stay ahead of the competition and enjoy future growth. This customer loyalty metric is measured with net promoter scores (NPS), which is an easy way to tell what percentage of customers will return over and over. This simple formula involves surveying customers to find out how many claim loyalty and how many wouldn’t recommend your brand to someone else. Subtract the latter from the former and you have your score. The higher the score, the better.

One way businesses can boost their NPS is by employing chatbots via configurable customer support software. These tools allow for seamless interaction with clients without the need for agent supervision. Customers can get the information they need when they need it. Chatbots are also a great way to collect feedback regarding customer satisfaction. Let’s go over a few ways this customer support tool can be used to create better net promoter scores and improve the customer experience you’re offering.

High Satisfaction Channel

Because chatbots use artificial intelligence, they can create a more personalized experience for your client base. They’re able to decipher the context of any conversation in order to respond to customers in a relevant and natural way. Chatbots can also access a client’s profile and history in order to provide a higher level of personalization. Your customers will not only feel like they’re getting custom service, but they’ll also come away with high-quality answers to their questions. When figuring your next net promoter scores, this client satisfaction will pay off.


Many clients of your B2B organization don’t have time to seek phone support when a problem occurs. They need a convenient channel they can utilize on their own time. This is why chatbots are one of the most imperative assets for modern-day support teams. Clients are able to interact with them 24/7 and can even connect with them from their smartphones. This level of convenience is great for your net promoter scores. Plus, you can easily program your chatbots to gather customer loyalty feedback at the end of a session with a client. You can also get feedback on new products, which can drive future marketing efforts.


One of the most important factors in a customer support operation is the speed at which you can resolve a client’s issue. The inability to provide a fast solution is a huge deal breaker for many customers. Chatbots offer the fastest solution for clients looking for answers regarding minor issues. These customer support automation tools take the workload away from your agents and use machine learning to provide quick solutions. When it comes to customer satisfaction, this is a game-changer. In addition, clients can quickly give their feedback at the end of a chat session instead of filling out an email survey.

Add a Chatbot to Your Customer Support Arsenal

If your net promoter scores aren’t cutting it, you need to step up your game by adding a chatbot to your support operation. These are imperative assets in the fast-paced B2B marketplace.

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