How to Improve the Customer Experience with Customer Insights

The reputation of your B2B organization depends heavily on the customer experience you provide. This means every component of your support process must not only be efficient, but it must also be personalized. With this in mind, it’s critical you look at customer insights to fully understand how your client base is interacting with your support operation and where improvements could be made.

In order to properly collect customer insights, you’ll need B2B customer support software to help you pull in data. However, once you have these metrics, you need to make informed changes that reflect shortcomings in your support operation. Let’s go over some steps you can take to refine your customer experience.

Unify Data Across the Customer Journey

When client data isn’t consolidated in your system, you run the risk of providing inconsistent or erroneous service. This could be detrimental to your customer retention numbers. To avoid this, it’s imperative you move away from a siloed environment where client data is fragmented between several channels. By utilizing the right support software, you can achieve an omnichannel approach where all agents have access to a single repository of data. This ensures a more streamlined and results-driven experience for the client.

Gathering Customer Feedback

Sure, you can (and should) look at metrics pertaining to support trends. However, you need to also gain insights by collecting feedback directly from the customer. This information will help you pinpoint exactly where your customer experience is falling flat. There are a few ways B2B customer support software can help you get this feedback. First, you could consider setting up an automated, follow-up survey once a client’s issue has been resolved. Or, integrate a short survey that customers can fill out after a chatbot session has come to an end.

Leveraging New Technologies

Measuring customer insights is all about finding ways to evolve. This means pushing new technology to offer more ways for your clients to get the help they need. For instance, you can use visual data reporting to determine your average phone resolution time. You may find that providing your clients with a self-service portal and comprehensive knowledge base gives them the ability to find solutions faster and also takes some of the pressure of your agents. You could also leverage the use of a self-service portal by sending direct links to knowledge base articles.

End-to-End Experiences Using Workflows

Once you’ve gathered customer insights and are ready to make changes, creating a visual workflow will help you outline the entire lifecycle of your customer experience. This is another area where the right software tools will come in handy. They’ll help you seamlessly design and execute your workflows. Once they’re in place, you can track how your workflows are performing using visual data reporting tools. This gives you an overview of your entire support operation, which is critical for maintaining optimal day-to-day functionality.

Refine Your Customer Experience Today

Don’t let a bad support experience lead to loss of clients and a stained business reputation. Let customer insights work for you and make the necessary changes to drive success.

PhaseWare can help you refine your support operation by integrating B2B customer support software. Contact us to learn more.

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