Ways to Use Customer Insights to Improve the Customer Experience

It’s no longer enough for B2B organizations to use trial and error in order to improve their support process. They must look at customer insights to get a clear picture of how they can enhance the experience they’re providing their client base. This involves analyzing trends and behaviors and making changes to a support operation so issue resolution becomes faster and more effective. It also helps to determine exactly how customers would like to interact with a support team.

Many B2B organizations now rely on customizable customer support software to help streamline their day-to-day customer service tasks. This software can also help gather customer insights when it’s time to drive change. However, this process isn’t always easy. If you’re ready to start using customer insights in order to improve your customer experience, it helps to have a gameplan first. Keep reading for a few key techniques.

Data Analytics

Your customers are providing valuable information every time they interact with you. All you have to do is look at metrics on a regular basis and you’ll be able to refine specific aspects of your support operation to provide a better experience. One key trend you need to look at is what support channel gets the most traffic from your clients. You may quickly realize you need more agents concentrating on this channel to avoid long resolution times. The primary use of a single support channel may also be an indication your clients aren’t finding other channels very helpful. It may be time to send out a customer survey to drill down further into this issue.

If you provide a self-service portal as part of your support operation, you need to look at data analytics pertaining to its usage. For example, running reports on the performance of your knowledge base will help you discover which content is effective and what needs to be removed or revised. You can also start providing proactive support if you determine many of your clients are accessing the same content surrounding a product issue.

Artificial Intelligence

With the demand for high-quality customer support growing drastically, it’s becoming impossible for humans to track trends. That’s why artificial intelligence is now an integral part of customer support infrastructures. In fact, every time you see an online ad based on your search history, AI is working behind the scenes. As a B2B organization, you can use artificial intelligence within your customizable customer support software to track trends related to client behavior and send valuable support information before a problem arises.

AI also allows you to provide a more personalized customer support experience, which is important today. Software tools can analyze countless bits of information pertaining to your client base and determine exactly what each client’s needs are. Artificial intelligence is also what drives the success of virtual chatbots. Your clients can get personalized supported without having to reach out to your agents. This is highly beneficial in the fast-paced B2B marketplace.

Get the Tools to Enhance Your Customer Experience

If the customer experience you provide isn’t helping you grow, it’s time for an overhaul. The first step to a resolution is attaining the tools needed to measure customer insights so you know where change needs to start.

PhaseWare can help by integrating customizable customer support software into your current support operation. Contact us to get started.

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