Improving Customer Support Agent Efficiency

The customer service department has two main objectives: speed and accuracy. The ability to provide the right answer, with the right timing, will give your company the basis for a successful and satisfactory system of customer relationship management (CRM). Meeting the high standards of the market demands takes careful planning, tenacious preparation, and of course, a reliable team. Here’s a short list of key items and strategies to master in order to really excel in this field.

#1. Give your agents a 360 degree view of their customers. When a customer reaches out with a concern, there’s a good chance your company will have a past with that customer. Cutting back on required research will trim down on huge chunks of time that the agent would have had to spend to retrieve the proper solution for this contact. Your agents will have access, at the touch of the mouse, to every aspect of the customer’s history: purchases, returns, repairs, services, appeasements, and more. This kind of knowledge will allow the agent to get a quick, full grasp on what the customer has been through, what methods have already been used, and what the next best step will be.

#2. Give your agents the ability to organize the day. With a versatile, beautiful tool like PhaseWare’s Dashboards, each representative will have control over their home base and have the power to automate and arrange their daily tasks and landing points. With a reliable system like Dashboards, agents will be able to perform with a greater focus, higher enthusiasm, and more positive morale. This will in turn be passed along to the customer experience, improving customer satisfaction rates on a daily basis.

#3. Give your agents the power of knowledge. More often than not, a customer will have questions for an agent that reaches into different departments of the company. Conflating all available intelligence into one, expertly catalogued, highly searchable, hosted knowledge base (KB) will give every associate access to the information that they need the very moment they need it. PhaseWare’s system employs result ranking capabilities and natural language searching to ensure that the best answer comes first and to cut back even further on time usage per customer contact.

Pleasing your customers is the name of the game but a good business knows that the game really starts with pleasing your associates. Happy, well-equipped employees provide happy, reliable service!

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