How to Be Your Best for B2B Customers

Companies who deal primarily with B2C relationships are the norm in the business world. Satisfying customers is an age-old struggle with years of work and expertise available to implement for an up-and-coming company. But what about the businesses which primarily cater to other businesses? Here’s a good, hard look at the two main service qualities business wants from another business, and how you can become a pro at B2B customer service and customer management.

The first rule to keep in mind is that a business needs assured security. On a B2C level, individual customers are very adamant about their security requirements and your company’s ability to deliver on this could make or break the relationship with that customer. Now imagine that same scenario, but on a massive scale. Compromising a company’s information could have the effect of compromising the information for thousands of individuals and losing you one of your biggest customers. The repercussions of this include revenue loss, a smeared reputation, potential reimbursement for the customer, and many more backlashes.

Providing customer security and Guaranteeing the safety of your customers’ information, therefore, is paramount. There are a lot of strategies to maintaining this, but here at PhaseWare we have top-of-the-line secure information standards, which promise our customers AES password encryption for a certainty of protection, state-of-the-art security systems, and hosted solutions to ensure that your customers’ information is being held safe in our secure servers. With this kind of support at your back, you will be able to rest easy knowing your customers’ private information will stay that way.

The second item that you’ll have to capitalize on is consistency. One of the main, most affecting aspects of a business customer vs. an individual customer lies in the amount of people running the show: with a single person, you know who you’re going to speak with and what has transpired between you previously. With a business, it could be any number of related personal appearing to represent their company. This, on top of higher expectations for professionalism and presentation, means that your company has to come through with the right answer, and the same answer, every time your customer brings a concern to the table.

Achieving the level of consistency required to uphold those standards is a matter of organization. One of the best approaches is to centralize your information. This is a two-part process, the first of which is organizing your customer’s specific information. PhaseWare’s products provide an encompassing, comprehensive view of each customer which will allow your agents to see all contact points and transactions which have occurred with each customer with just the click of a button. This 360 degree view of the customer will give your team the power to answer quickly and correctly to reconcile any questions the customer may have at a given time with their history with the company. The second part is capturing all of your company’s intelligence to be made available for each and every agent with a fully searchable knowledge base. This can ensure that every agent gives the same answer (often with the same wording) so that companies can feel certain they are receiving the correct information.

There are a lot of different routes to approach B2B customer satisfaction, but having these two down can truly improve your service!

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