Why B2B Customers Should Be Your #1 Priority

Customers who are loyal to your company are inarguably the more beneficial buyer group to which your company should seek to cater. In consistent research, it has been shown that returning buyers make up the broad majority of a company’s revenue, even if they only make up a small percentage of the company’s total buyers. People are creatures of habit. Once they start buying from a company, it’s likely to be a long-term, very lucrative trend for that company.


When applying this information to the B2B customer experience, it becomes even more imperative that the customer receives positive interactions on a consistent basis from your company. In a recent study, it was shown that 51% of B2B customers are likely to be permanently turned against buying from a company with which it has had a single bad experience. This means that over half the time, if your customer service agents are not able to deliver, you will lose not only one of the biggest buying customers, but also one that buys from your company most frequently. This kind of loss can create a real deficit in revenue for that quarter! This kind of information is proof that your B2B relationships are of the utmost importance to please.


On the flip side of this, it’s also important to keep in mind that a B2B relationship can have a huge influence on your positive image as a company. In general, 87% of customers are likely share a positive customer service experience with others after the fact. With a B2B relationship, the respect and dignity with which you treat their customer concerns can be spread to many individuals within the single company, resulting in more and more positive banter between people and between potential buyers.


Going along with this information, it should be noted that buyers listen, when it comes to other buyers. In fact, a whopping 88% of customers are shown to have been influenced by available service reviews. With the availability of online service reviews, the power of a well-treated customer is now more compelling than ever before, and should not be taken lightly. 

A company with serious intentions must always keep in mind that no interaction is a throw-off interaction – especially­ B2B interactions. Keeping your staff on top of the game and ensuring the satisfaction of each customer, each time they choose to contact you, is paramount to maintaining the positive company image that you and your hard-working team deserve.

Pleasing B2B customers is easy to do once you have the right tools. Contact PhaseWare today to get your team equipped with our award-winning, uniquely powerful customer service software.

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