Implement the Component of Self-Service Internally and Reap the Benefits

The benefits of a self-service portal for your B2B clients are far-reaching. It can help take the workload off your support team, increase customer satisfaction and provide valuable metrics regarding support issues. All of this helps improve the quality of your in-house support operation.

However, implementing the same component for internal use provides a whole different set of benefits. That’s right – providing your employees with their own portal can help streamline your in-house operation and boost your internal network. Let’s break down some of the ways you’ll reap the benefits of an internal self-service component.

Using Customer Service Resources Internally

Your customizable customer support software is doing great things for your clients, but it can also help your in-house operation. By implementing an internal portal, you provide a knowledge base your employees can turn to for answers. These could be questions related to HR policies, employee benefits, or the company handbook. Instead of spending time searching for these questions in their onboarding material or sending emails to HR reps, employees have a central repository to turn to.

The great thing about an internal portal is that employees can add to it in order to increase its effectiveness. Plus, by utilizing a quality search function, they can find the answers they need right away. This benefits your client, now let your support team take advantage of it.

Improve Employee Training

Support training is essential for providing the very best customer experience for your clients. This includes both onboarding training and continued education. An internal portal is a great way to improve this process by putting the capability in your employee’s hands. Doing this takes the burden off your managerial and IT departments who would otherwise need to provide operational training to new and existing reps.

Instead, let new hires turn to the portal for orientation materials and courses. Schedule and organize training meetings through the portal. Then, add relevant topics discussed during these meetings to the internal knowledge base for a continuously evolving support system for your team. Doing so will save time and money that would have originally been spent on traditional training methods.

Build a Solid Employee Community

Whether it’s a new hire or a rep who’s been with your company for years, an internal knowledge base increases a sense of community within your support team. This instills trust in your company. Just like your self-service portal helps improve the client experience, it improves the employee experience as well.

The tools you offer in your portal help achieve this. An employee forum lets your team contribute feedback concerning support operations and lets you know what materials in your knowledge base are helpful and what needs to be improved. This also helps you pinpoint what recurring issues or questions your support team has. An internal knowledge base also lets new hires feel confident they can get the answers they’re looking for and allows them to instantly feel part of a strong internal community.

Implement an Internal Knowledge Base Today

Giving your team the ability to easily find the resources they need concerning their role will help improve employee awareness and refine your overall support operation. Providing a trusted knowledge base and communication portal will also help boost your employee’s satisfaction with their role, thus promoting higher retention.

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