Are You Working to Reduce Your Customer Service Response Time?

A solid customer support experience is becoming increasingly important for B2B entities. Clients with issues regarding products or services not only need reliable answers, but they also need them quickly. Speed is one of the most imperative assets when delivering top-notch support. In order to succeed, it’s crucial your customer service response time is as low as possible.

However, if you’re dealing with a high volume of support requests, this can be difficult. You may need to take a harder look at your overall process to determine where changes can be made. Implementing customizable customer support software is the first step to reducing your customer service response time. Let’s break down exactly how this can help.

Utilize Email Autoresponders

Your clients need to know their issues are being addressed in a timely manner, even when the mode of communication is email. If they feel their issue is being ignored, your relationship with the client will begin to deteriorate. Using an email autoresponder helps you deliver a quick confirmation without taxing your support team. This gives your client peace of mind knowing their issue is being attended to.

When configuring your email autoresponder in your support software, you need to take a few things into consideration. Make sure you thank them for their inquiry and ensure them a rep is addressing the issue. It’s also very important to give them an idea when they should expect a response. You should then set internal goals to provide the fastest resolution possible for your clients.

Issue Tracking and Client Management

The ability to track the lifecycle of a client inquiry will bring to light any problems within your internal support operation. This may expose problems with a certain rep or with the overall workflow and communication process of your support team. Issue tracking also lets you monitor and track internal response goals. These metrics give you the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments and reduce your overall response time.

A client management system allows your reps to have quick access to your customer’s profiles. Having this resource at their fingertips is crucial for providing the fastest support solutions possible. Your reps will also be able to view the past issues and how they were resolved. These imperative assets will put the power in your reps hands and allow you to reach those response time goals.

Live Chat

You can’t talk about support response time without mentioning live chat. This feature is integral in delivering the best possible support solutions for your client. It provides a real-time interaction between you and your client which can drastically improve your overall response time and also take the workload off your phone support reps. Through live chat, you can also utilize your self-service knowledge base. Using your customizable customer support software, you can generate content from your knowledge base at the beginning of a chat session and direct clients to the solutions they need.

Streamline Your Customer Service Response Time

Don’t lose clients as a result of slow customer service response times. Let your support software show you where improvements can be made and work towards streamlining your internal operation. Not only will this help with client retention, it will bolster your reputation in the B2B marketplace.

PhaseWare provides secure customer support solutions for B2B entities looking to improve their customer support infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more.


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