How to Provide the Best Multichannel Support

Your customers have busy lives, so offering a variety of support channels is essential today. The one thing you can guarantee about customers today is they know the difference between a company with good customer service qualities and one with poor customer service. Having multichannel support can help put your company up with some of the best in terms of customer service. However, without the proper complaint management workflows, you won’t be able to maximize your support. Here are some important points to consider when it comes to providing the best multichannel support possible.

Develop A Management Strategy

If you’re going to make the investment in offering multichannel support to your customers, you need to have the proper management strategy to ensure the support is consistent among all channels. Consistency is one of the best qualities of multichannel support, since your customers want to receive a consistent experience across all channels. Having the proper software for multichannel support will allow you to easily develop your management strategy tailored around connecting, processing, tracking, automating and resolving customer issues in the most efficient ways possible.

Provide Agents With Proper Tools and Training

Making an investment in cloud based customer support software is great, but the software and other tools are only as effective as your agents are. If your support agents don’t know how to use the tools, then the overall customer service will drop as a result. Be sure to equip your agents with extensive training across all support channels, so they know exactly how to handle each tool available to them. Having an efficient and cohesive team will not only help provide consistent service across all support channels, but also across all support agents.

Each Support Channel Should Be Treated Equally

Whether you’re looking at email, voice, chat or web support strategies, you have to treat each channel equally. Some customers refuse to call a telephone number and will only get on a live chat. Others may have different preferences. When you integrate all of these options into a single strategy, you’ll be able to have better complaint management workflows and give your customers more options.

Phaseware offers tools and solutions for multichannel support, so you can offer your customers exactly what they need. Integrating all of your support channels into one will help achieve exactly what the customer desires – a consistent experience. To learn more about our products and comprehensive solutions, feel free to contact us at any time.


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